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Upgrading Qrew Discussions

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2 months ago

We made some changes, here's a recap...

Welcome to the new Qrew Discussions!

Here's a tour of the recent changes to our community platform. The goal is to make this as smooth a transition as possible, and by the end of this blog, you'll know what's changed, what's stayed the same, and how to make the most of your experience on this site.

What's Stayed the Same?

  • A lot. This is still designed to be a place where people can ask questions and receive answers. "Quickbase Discussions" remains the main Forum, go there for all Quickbase questions.
  • Every thread from before should be searchable, we copied over all posts, all file attachments. 
  • Your login process should be the exact same. Only those with an email address tied to a Quickbase account can login to this website. Since we use Single Sign-On, the fastest way to access Qrew Discussions is to already be signed into your Quickbase account first.

What Changed? 

  • We have a new Ranking system. Every member of this community has a Rank in their Profile. Users can increase their rank through contributions. Liking content, or having users like your content, will influence your rank, along with quality contributions that are marked as best solutions by your peers. Our ranking system is also designed to be tied to our statuses in the Qrew Champions program, with Qrew Champion as the top rank. The more you climb, the more permissions you can unlock within this experience.
  • You will also notice new badges in your profile. The more you contribute, the more badges we'll reward you with to show off on your profile.
  • Search should feel different, and it should feel better. You can search with increased filters, and should be able to find your answers faster.
  • We'll be building up a Knowledge Base called Q Tips, allowing both commonly asked questions and general "this is how I Quickbase" Q Tips to be shared with The Qrew.
  • All Discussion Topics must have a Tag. It is required. Your question has a category, we will want to capture this category so that it makes for an easier way to find your answer in the future. Additionally, these tags allow for reporting on the Quickbase side so we can see which features are demanding the most questions. I've listed "Other" as an option, please only use this option if none of the other Tags apply.

Is there anything I need to do? 

  • The settings you had in your profile were wiped clean. If you had set up your email to get daily subscriptions, you'll need to redo this in "My Settings" page.

Important Resources: 

  • Here's a guided tour of My Settings and what these settings do
  • Here's a recap of our new ranking system and what you need to do to climb the ranks.
  • Here's an example of how you can use search differently in this experience.
  • I'll update this post with other new changes if any new videos are needed. 

Updated 2 months ago
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  • Can't google and click community links anymore? None of the community links work when searching for something on google. The search in the qcrew community is not as good as googling so I am struggling to find the information I need.