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Virtual Empower 2021 FAQ

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4 years ago

Our community is a place where builders share their expertise and insight every day to help others unlock the power of Quick Base. Are you interested in sharing your Quick Base expertise, strategies, and successes with even more people who get it? Now's your chance to do just that by speaking at Empower 2021. The first step to letting us know you are interested is as simple as signing up right here

Important Info

Most Empower sessions are one hour in length. Prepare for 45 minutes of content followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. 

We are looking for sessions in two categories: Technical and Non-technical. Review the Submission Requirements for suggested topics in each category.  

For technical submissions, you’ll be asked to identify the skill Level/Focus that your session aligns to. The options are: 

  • New Builder: Share practical development skills with new app builders and empower them to solve problems.
  • Intermediate Builder: Delve into Quick Base features and demonstrate how they can be combined to automate tasks, optimize processes and deliver meaningful solutions. 
  • Advanced Builder: Reveal the power of Quick Base as a strategic platform through the management of data ecosystems, multiple workflows and extensions

Registration will open up in March but we are so excited to get the word out that the dates are set you can sign-up here to be among the first to know all the exciting news - and get access to pre-conference content. 

Let us know below if you have any questions we can help with and stay tuned here to learn more, stay safe, and see you in 2021!

Evan Martinez
Community Marketing Manager
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Published 4 years ago
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    Qrew Commander
    Since this will be a virtual event again is it going to be free the same as last year? It was a great event and especially for the fact that it was free. I was impressed with how much you guys did on such a short notice last year.

    If it is remaining free, for the users that won tickets to the 2021 event at the 2020 event, what is going to happen? I know it was assumed at that time that there may be an in-person event in 2021 but obviously that cannot happen yet with what is going on. Will those tickets just be postponed until a later date if an in-person Empower ever does happen again?

    If these questions would be better sent to just let me know.
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      Qrew Member
      Hi Austin - 

      Great questions! We had obviously hoped that Empower 2021 could be live, and just recently finalized the decision to host it virtually. We are in the midst of designing the best possible virtual experience, including the pricing structure. We plan to announce those details in early February, and will also communicate the redemption possibilities for complimentary ticket holders. So stay tuned, and let us know if you have any other questions!

      Alison Hunt
      Senior Marketing Manager, Customer Events
      Quick Base