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What Will You Find in The Qrew?

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2 months ago

A message from your Community Manager

Hi there! I'm Ben. I'm the Community Manager for The Qrew.

In March 2023, having no previous experience in Community Management, I changed roles here at Quickbase, moving from Customer Success. Why did I do this? I had no direct passion for Community Management overall. It wasn't some calling. 

What I did have was passion for this community, which since Empower 2023 we have called The Qrew. This community is different. It's unique. It's full of talented Quickbase Subject Matter Experts who come from all different types of backgrounds. Men and women. From full stack developers all the way down to people who google how to do things in Excel (me). We're all in The Qrew.

Here's what you'll find.

What you will find in The Qrew is connection. You are not on an island as a Quickbase builder/admin, even if you are the only person at your company who uses Quickbase. The Qrew is where you can connect with others, where you can see how others are using this platform to cut out gray work from our everyday lives. Our Qrew Groups program allows for members to meet either virtually or in person and share their Quickbase use cases. Check our events page for the next meetup. 

What you will find in The Qrew is information. There are so many ways you can Quickbase, which should make it very easy for you to feel comfortable asking ANY question here in Qrew Discussions. You will get an answer. You'll probably get ten answers. You can then choose the one you think is best. There are thousands of discussions in Qrew Discussions, all full of helpful information. Jump into Quickbase Discussions and see for yourself. 

What you will find in The Qrew is expertise. The best Quickbase subject matter experts in the world are all here. They're all answering each other's questions. When you're in The Qrew, people have your back. They've been where you are. They've been stuck, and The Qrew helped them get unstuck. Our Q Tips are designed to create knowledge articles that would be helpful to everyone in The Qrew. I'd encourage you to check this out, and then when the time comes, submit your own.

What you will find in The Qrew are people who love this product, Quickbase. It changed their careers. But make no mistake, that love also means a desire to make Quickbase better. In The Qrew, we want Product Feedback. We want Quickbase to continue to add value in more ways. Our Qrew Champions program is designed to reward customers for their acts of advocacy.

I took this job in March 2023 because I saw the connections happening. I was blown away at both the amount and the quality of information being shared in our community. The expertise was off the charts. And I was struck at the passion and enthusiasm around this product from this customer base. Quickbase is different. 

So I'm proud to be in The Qrew. I know others are as well. If today's your first day as a Quickbase customer, welcome! Check out our Getting Started page, designed to help you do just that with our product. Also, congratulations on making the best decision of your career!

Welcome to The Qrew. You're in. Now what? That's up to you. But The Qrew has your back along the way.


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