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What's On Tap in December?

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6 months ago

❄️❄️December is here! What a month it is. A month of holiday spirit and tradition...

Traditions like Home Alone and Die Hard being on TV all month long. Ugly sweater parties with friends and family. Waiting until the last minute to do all your holiday shopping. Watching Home Alone and Die Hard 2 because Kevin McAllister and John McClane just can't catch a break at Christmas. We'll make some new year's resolutions, and we'll honor them through at least the second week of January.


And when we're not watching the downfall of Hans Gruber and The Sticky Bandits, we'll engage with The Qrew!


Here's a look at all the Qrew events in the month of December: 


Qrew Group Meetups: 

December 7th, 1pm EST: Members of the Education and Non-Profit Customer Network Qrew will be meeting up to discuss industry specific challenges. 

December 12th, 1pm EST: Do you work in retail or real estate? Come join the next Retail/Real Estate Customer Network Qrew meetup and see how others are using Quickbase. Connect with others in your industry and learn of other use cases being solved with Quickbase.

December 14th, 12pm EST: We're going to sneak in a December Pipelines Customer Network Qrew meetup because it's so popular and everyone loves hanging with their favorite UK CSM @Caroline Stuart-Freas! 



December 6th, 12pm EST: Unlock Your Quickbase Success: A Guide to Governance and Centers of Excellence; No better place to learn Governance best practices than at this webinar

December 12th, 12pm EST: 2024 Tech & AI Strategies: Gain Insights from Industry Leaders; Join David Linthicum (Deloitte) and Dion Hinchcliffe (Constellation Research) as they discuss recent tech disruption and future trends. Register here! 

Published 6 months ago
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