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What's On Tap in November?

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7 months ago

The Qrew, we have reached November! Can you believe it?

The year "2023" was beginning to not sound like some futuristic year set in a Terminator movie, and now it's nearly over.

In November, we turn the clocks back. We complain about turning the clocks back. We scour the house for all the winter clothes, we tell ourselves we'll create a better system for finding said clothes next year.  At Thanksgiving, we come together with our loved ones to be thankful. We watch the Detroit Lions, sort of. And parades. We grind our way through meals with in-laws. It's a truly wonderful time of year. 

Hopefully your peers, your colleagues, your leaders are thankful for the Quickbase apps you are creating, maintaining, and enhancing to add value to your organizations! At Quickbase, we are thankful for our builders, our admins, our community.

And hopefully you're as thankful as I am to be a part of such an amazing community in The Qrew! 

In the spirit of constant improvement, The Qrew has plenty of events to stuff your faces with this month (and we'll even leave out the tryptophan)! All events are free unless otherwise noted.

Qrew Groups

November 2nd - The LA Qrew is meeting up at the LA Ale Works! SoCal Qrew members, don't miss a chance to connect with your local Qrew! 

November 8th - The Realm Admin Customer Network Qrew will meet to share tips and tricks on best ways to govern your Quickbase realm. Even if you're not a realm admin, this is a great group to be a part of and learn all the ins and outs of Quickbase governance. 

November 15th - The Manufacturing Customer Network Qrew will meet to share industry specific challenges and solutions. 

November 22nd - Do you work in Healthcare? Check out the Healthcare Customer Network Qrew, all the Healthcare related use cases discussed and shared in this Qrew Group! 

November 28th - If you haven't used Pipelines yet, you should check out how other Qrew members are already taking advantage of this game-changing feature in the Pipelines Customer Network Qrew. And if you are using Pipelines, you should tap into The Qrew to learn better ways to manage your Pipelines. Either way, this Customer Network Qrew is gold and this is a meeting you don't want to miss.

Trade Shows

November 13th-15th - We'll be at Autodesk University at booth #242. Did I mention this is in Las Vegas? VEGAS! Come join us at our booth and be a part of one a phenomenal tradeshow for those who dabble in Autodesk and Quickbase. 


November 9th, 10am-3pm EST - Galactic Appventures for New Builders; Launch your app-building skills to infinity and beyond with our newest Quickbase Fundamentals course. Buzz Lightyear Puns! 

November 13th, 2pm-4pm EST - Spy Analytics: Data with Dashboards; Learn how to create dynamic dashboards, integrate cross-app reports, and enable role-based data visibility. 

November 20th, 12-5pm EST - Galactic Appventures for New Builders; Can't join us on the 9th? No worries he have a second offering for this course in November! 

* = Cost Associated with trainings. Customers can use Services Hours to cover the cost if your account has Enablement Services. Customers without Enablement Services can pay for the class standalone.

Published 7 months ago
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