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What's On Tap in October?

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8 months ago

Ah playoffs, Oktoberfest, Halloween costume parties, pumpkin flavored everything. A truly special time of year.
And back here at Quickbase, we have an exciting month ahead for ways you can tap into The Qrew...
October 4th - You're going to want to save this date. Quickbase will be unveiling a product launch with some exciting new features and beta program opportunities! Check back here on 10/4 for more details! 
October 10th - Retail Real Estate Customer Network Qrew Meeting - Qrew Members with Real Estate or Real Estate adjacent use cases convene to share and learn from each other. Join this call! 
October 11th - Realm Admin Customer Network Qrew Meeting; join a call with other realm admins and see how the best and the brightest governance Qrew members are keeping their realms in order through this amazing Customer Network Qrew meetup. Register here! 
October 11th - Quickbase + FastField: Better Together; at this webinar you will learn how you can accelerate your businesses speed of innovation, solving your most complex problems for users in the office, on the go, or in the field, using the recently acquired FastField Forms. 
October 17th - Australia and New Zealand Customer Network Qrew Meeting - Our Qrew Member friends located in Australia and New Zealand can join a call to connect and learn how Quickbase is being deployed. 
October 18th - Cash Money Qrew - Do you use Quickbase to track cash flow in your organization? Or have another finance use case? Join the Cash Money Qrew so you can see how others in The Qrew are using Quickbase to solve finance and accounting challenges. We'll even have members of the Quickbase accounting and finance team joining to share how we use Quickbase in this arena! 
October 24th - Pipelines Customer Network Meeting - A chance to see how others are integrating and automating workflows via Pipelines. Quickbase Product members will be on the call to share updates and learn from The Qrew. Register here!
October 24th-27th - MRI Ascend - Quickbase will be at MRI Ascend in Chicago at booth 817, come join us! 
October 25th - Education & Non-Profit Customer Network Meeting - Qrew Members working in Education and Non-Profit industries will share their stories of how they're tackling challenges in Quickbase. Join the call!
October 26th - The Qrew is launching in Space City, come join us as we kickoff the Houston Qrew. Qrew Champion @Blake Harrison will be leading the way allowing Qrew Members from Houston to gather in person and get an exclusive in-person experience with content you won't find anywhere else. 
Published 8 months ago
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