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You're In The Qrew, Now What? (Also Survey Results!)

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2 years ago

Today is a milestone day for the Quickbase Community.

Today, the Quickbase Community became The Qrew.

You're in The Qrew because you want to be around others like you. People who really "get it". Solving problems in Quickbase is part of who you are. When business challenges arise, you soft default to Relationships and Key Fields. To Reports and Dashboards. To Formulas and Pipelines. Or as an admin, you're thinking about Access. About security. About Centers of Excellence and Application Lifecycle Management and Capturing Value. 

You're not alone. There are so many members of The Qrew who are actively getting $#!+ done in Quickbase, but how do we get access to these resources?

What does it really mean to be in The Qrew? 

Here are the ways you can tap into The Qrew today: 

1) Create a Profile. You won't be able to post in any Discussions until you have a profile created. It's super quick. 

2) Join our Champions program. This is a gamified way you can be rewarded for your contributions to The Qrew. Collect points, redeem them for prizes. Collect badges, and rise in status until you achieve Champion status. Exclusive Swag. Exclusive Access. If you're all in on Quickbase, you need to be in this program. Champions Program > Heroes Program. Discussions Posts and Replies are now included in your point totals. Champions will be featured in our blog content. 

3) Discussions. This very website. You can pose questions here and get answers from others in The Qrew, Qrew members who have been building in Quickbase for years. Are you one of those experienced Qrew members? Well you can show off that expertise answering questions. You'll get points sent to your Champions profile that you're going to sign up for when you finish reading this blog. Did someone blow your mind with a great answer? Message them. Tell them how much you appreciated their knowledge share. You can do that here. You should do that here. 

4) Join a Customer Network. Start a Qrew Group. Let's actually get together and share how we're winning. There's only so much an individual can come up with when thinking about how to solve problems in Quickbase. But collectively, as a Qrew, our potential knows no bounds. I guarantee you someone in The Qrew has a way they're attacking a process that you haven't considered yet. You can borrow/steal it from The Qrew and add value to your apps. Customer Network meetups are game-changing. Check our the events page for upcoming meetups. And if you want to lead a Qrew Group in your local area, or virtually, take the Qrew Group leader challenge in Champions! Let's get together in person. We are all in on The Qrew. Let's get meetups happening in person, and win together. 

5) Go to Office Hours with Sam Trachy and Neil Beschle. This is M-F at 1pm EST. It's pure Quickbase knowledge-dropping from two of our best and brightest. Sam's picking up right where his father, Kirk, left off, providing a valuable service to the Qrew. Leverage it. You leave that hour smarter than when you arrived. 

Recently, we posted a Community Survey to this website, thank you to those of you who participated. Here were some of the main takeaways, and how we have already baked some of this feedback into our Qrew launch today.

Most valuable features on Community.Quickbase.Com

Discussions and Search led the way. Asking questions, answering questions, looking for answers from previously asked questions in Discussions. Perfect. This site will be called Discussions moving forward for this very reason. That's why we're here. And that's what we'll do.

Features that are missing or need to be improved

Search was the Family Feud style number one answer. It's not good enough and we need to figure out a way to make this better. This will be a takeaway for us to figure out, much more to come on this. Ideas are welcome. Rating

3.5. We're not satisfied with this, but we also are pleased to see that 56% of respondents gave a 4 or 5. There's room for improvement, and we see this.

Favorite Community Program

Empower, Office Hours, and Customer Networks finished as the top 3. We're thrilled to see this and plan to continue all three programs! 

Interested in More Community Content?

62% responded yes. Well buckle up, because we're going to be pumping in more Community content. Qrew Highlights, Champions Profiles, Q Tips (where Qrew members share tips with the rest of The Qrew), and Exchange App Shoutouts (what apps in the Exchange should you be downloading?). 

Heroes Program Feedback

Overall unclear what the value was to participants, more frequent challenges, more promotion of the program were the main themes. We plan to fix ALL of the above with the Champions program. Champions will our Qrew leaders and go-to Quickbase Advocates. Acts of Advocacy and leading Qrew Groups will allow for you to rise in the rankings, gaining more access to Quickbase VIPs, to exclusive Swag, to speaking engagement opportunities, allowing you to grow your personal brand. 

Overall Community Rating

3.9. 75% of respondents gave a 4 or a 5. We'll be working to get over a 4 by the next time we conduct a survey. 

What else? 

A few callouts that not all questions are being answered, as well as a call to action for more people from Quickbase to participate in Discussions. We hear you loud and clear, we hope in the future you are seeing more active participation from more members of Quickbase staff. 

Published 2 years ago
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