Ask Me Anything about Quick Base Mobile

By Evan Martinez posted 04-17-2019 19:40

To empower builders and make Quick Base even more accessible we automatically generate a touch-friendly mobile experience for each of your apps. This gives customers the freedom to communicate with all team members, regardless of location, by updating and sharing information in real time from any device. Now builders can direct their users to the Quick Base mobile app, for smartphone and tablets, to easily and securely access those applications from their mobile devices. WeÕre really excited to see users adopting the mobile app to make Quick Base more accessible, and want to get as much feedback from our Community as possible.

On Thursday, April 25th, weÕll host a live AMA (Ask Me Anything) featuring two members of esteemed mobile development team Chris Hutchens and Bob Gregor. Chris and Bob will be here from 2-3 p.m. EST to answer any questions you have about the mobile app, other ways we are planning to make Quick Base more accessible to mobile users, or anything else youÕd like to know.  

You can start submitting your questions here in this Community thread between now and the event. Then Chris and Bob will be in this thread live to tackle them on Thursday! 

If you haven't had a chance to try our mobile app yet it is not too late. The Quick Base mobile app can be downloaded from Apple and Google Play app stores and is compatible with iOS (10.0 or later) and Android (4.1 or later) smartphones.


01-15-2020 14:05

Hi, I am trying to add a points/percentage field to my current form.

10-20-2019 13:57

The newly released Mobile Web Preview icon is not displaying when I test an app as a different role or user. The release announcement reports that this feature became available this morning.

08-01-2019 15:18

Seems to me there's a comma missing now between the Lat and Long. In the past the comma was visible on my forms and table reports. 

08-01-2019 15:16

Currently Mobile Maps only works if you are using Postal/Street Addresses in Address field. We use Lat and Long in Address fields. On Desktop, Map reports will work and show pins based on Lat and Long. In Mobile version, Map reports will not load. Also the 100 address limit is constricting. If we could get these two matters resolved, we could sign on more users and clients. Thanks.

08-01-2019 13:03

Offline - uploading photos and editing existing records. We have many clients who want to use the applications we have developed but because their work is primarily in the field where there is little to no internet capability, they are not signing on to use Qbase apps. 

06-21-2019 19:01

Just stopping back in here, since it seems like you're keeping up to date on this topic, Chris - and thanks for that - to say that this feature (along with push notifications, discussed in a different thread) is THE thing we're waiting for to be able to really take our mobile use to the next level.

To Robert Mayer's point, too: We also would like to enable people in the 'remote non-staff users' space who have never heard of Quick Base to use our apps... and the 'never heard of Quick Base' is a quality we'd like to preserve, in a perfect world. So breaking out the whole 'log into QB then go through the My Apps screen' etc rigmarole into potentially multiple independently accessible, wholly branded standalone apps is really where we want to be.

06-20-2019 17:58

Hi Jordan,

This is an issue we're aware of and are addressing. We'll make it so that Apple Maps opens separately, as it did before.

Stay tuned to the mobile app updates and thanks for bringing it up.


06-20-2019 17:47

Wes - good call out and suggestion. We'll think about how to do this elegantly. 

For switching between your builder program realm and your product realm, you could add your production/work email address as a user in your builder program account.

That's what I've done simply so I can switch between them easily from the mobile app. Doesn't solve every use case, but could be something worth exploring.

Thank you as always for the great feedback and suggestions. LOTS of work to do, and we're doing our best to prioritize what's most critical. Hopefully that's resonating with you all.


06-20-2019 16:40

This is a very interesting suggestion and I'll be curious to see how the QB team addresses it.

I don't have as many setups as it sounds like you do, but I do have my standard/business account and my Builder account, each of which I use for different things, although I don't think I've had reason yet to want to log onto my Builder account from mobile - I easily could do at some point.

06-20-2019 12:39

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your response. I am trying to figure out how to contact Kirk Trachy.
Something else has come up for me using the mobile app. I use different realms with different email addresses. While I can switch between realms assigned to an email address on the mobile app, I cannot easily switch between email addresses that I use to log in. I have to log out and log in, and then type in my email address for each session in order to go from one realm to another sometimes.
It would be nice if the app stored my user name (email) details for all of the realms or if I could somehow switch between accounts in order to access the different realms regardless of how I am logged in.
Thanks for your consideration.

06-18-2019 13:23

Has the functionality of the address location field within mobile changed recently? Until recently, on our mobile forms, we had a Lat/Long field where field techs could just tap on the coordinates with the pinpoint icon next to it and it would switch to apple maps which was very useful when going from location to location; however, now, it opens up a version of google maps within the quickbase app that doesn't pick up on current location. Even though both the Quick Base app and Google Maps have access to my current location info, there's no option to choose current location. There's an option to "Send to phone," but you have to sign in to google when you pick that option. I'd much rather have to app switch to apple maps.

06-17-2019 21:06

Hi Wes,

Glad you enjoyed Empower! The short answer is that many of the fields in that magic buttons app (including that one) are in fact report links. On the mobile interface, report links are displayed with a (+) in case you want to add a new child record, and the total number of those associated records. This is because report links are nearly always links to the children of the parent record in view. 

The formula in the magic buttons app does not seem to account for how many of these items interact on mobile. I'll forward this to the builder of that app to see if he has any ideas around it. There are some very cool sets of tools in that app, but they might have to be modified slightly to perform the way you want/need on various devices.

All that being said, we're looking into making this transition from desktop to mobile functionality as frictionless as possible, and posts like this are very valuable in helping us cover everything, so thank you!


06-17-2019 20:32

Hello Chris,
Empower was great. I took away an idea to implement a function that I learned from the Magic Buttons app into a form that we use on the mobile app: Embedded frames for viewing PDF file attachments.

This section of the Magic Buttons Projects Form is what I used for reference:

It works well in Chrome on my desktop, however when I view the content in the mobile app (on my iPhone), there are a few unexpected (and undesired) options that I do not know how to eliminate: (+) and (1)>.

Any ideas?


06-17-2019 13:40

Thanks for the feedback John. 

Adam, it depends on what the button is doing. I've seen many formula URL buttons and rich text buttons function properly on mobile. Please open a support ticket and we can help address your specific concerns.


06-14-2019 19:10

06-14-2019 18:20

There are some things that still do not work on Mobile. I just attended the Mobile session at Empower yesterday (6/13/19), and if you have access they will be on the University next week and you can check out Chris Hutchens presentation on 'Building for Mobile'. It was excellent.

06-14-2019 18:01

There are many other services that offer native signature fields. Ragic and Tadabase are a couple in case you would like to see how others are doing it.

06-14-2019 17:48

I use some rich text buttons on forms and they work fine on desktop, but no functionality on mobile. Am I missing something?

05-22-2019 21:22

Jordan and Marina,

That's great feedback and we'll be sure to handle these types of cases when we enable offline data entry. And to answer Jordan's question, yes that there is no concept of "partially saving" a record right now.

Geoffrey - we're working on it as I type :)

05-22-2019 18:44


Im glad im not the only one! Please can we have forms work offline ASAP!  and also just make sure that the dynamic form rules follow through into the forms.  Absolute Godsend this will be!  I just hope that the UX will be decent when completing a form with complex rules

05-22-2019 14:50

My users would find the "Save action cancelled" popup very helpful too if it's possible.

05-22-2019 13:42

I know this AMA was a month ago, but my users are running into a problem when cellular data is low. I know you guys said that an offline version is coming, but can you also add some sort of connection validation or something when trying to save records? Sometimes after collecting data in the field with bad service(1-2 bars) and hitting the save button, the three loading bars in the center will just continue their animation for a long time(sometimes up to 15 minutes, and then after waiting, it returns back to the form but with all the data lost. I'm not a tech wizard, so I wouldn't know if this is possible, but perhaps a popup saying, "Connection is bad or was lost. Save action cancelled." with the data still intact in edit mode.

Also, on a related side note, when quickbase saves a form after being edited, does it try to save everything at once, and if it fails, nothing is saved? Right now, our techs collect written data -- save -- then re-edit -- take pictures and then save again. When collecting data in the field, they take up to ten pictures and upload them into the attachment fields and if QB fails to save then all data is lost, so they save the written data first because that only takes 2 seconds where saving 10 pictures takes sometimes up to 10 minutes.

Sorry to ramble on, thanks!

05-02-2019 17:28

Ok great that's the expected behavior. At least that checkbox is checked by default. Thanks for the intel!

05-02-2019 17:26

On my iPhone, the PDF is opening and displaying directly in the QB app.

05-02-2019 17:21

Interesting. Does the PDF then open in your browser or still inside the Quick Base mobile app?

05-02-2019 17:08

I found out that the checkbox "Use a new browser window for file attachments that can be opened in the browser" _has to be checked in the field properties.

05-01-2019 17:12

Yes Jordan. We'd like to solve that pain point with the new forms. Thanks for the detailed feedback!

05-01-2019 15:57

Another thing I keep getting feedback about from my technicians is the "scrolling." We have a very long form for collecting equipment data that is broken up into 10 separate tabs in the desktop version and works very nice for designers at the desk, but in the mobile version, the form is turned into one massive page and each tab has to be referred back to while completing the form. They'll get to the bottom of the form and need to reference other parts of the form in other tabs(which no longer exist) and have to scroll back and forth constantly because the mobile version doesn't really support tabs in the same way. Is this part of the new mobile form design you guys are working on, or is there something I am missing that could perhaps alleviate this problem.

BTW, I really like the AMA format that you guys are using now!

04-29-2019 17:10

Hi Gina,

You can currently auto-populate an address field based on your current location, but true geolocation (i.e. lat/long) capabilities are not yet in the mobile app.

Rest assured, we're looking to add that functionality soon.

Regarding displaying buttons on table reports in mobile, it is something we're looking to incorporate in our new table reports that will be optimized for usability on mobile.


04-29-2019 16:55

We would also be interested in this.

04-29-2019 16:55

Is geolocation currently available? I read Mobile App has geolocation capabilities, but cannot find any documentation. I'm looking to implement capturing geolocation of field staff when they take certain actions within the app. Thanks.

Are there any plans to enable the option to display chilc-record add buttons within dashboard reports? E.g. Dashboard display report of all Work Orders with work order details ass well as "Add Activity" button. Currently our field staff must click on the Work Order they need to add an activity to, then click more, then scroll on the form to find the Add Activity button. 

04-29-2019 16:50

Offline capabilities are also a need for our team. Currently, we send technicians out to collect data on equipment in the field using detailed forms. This equipment could end up being in areas where there is little to no cellular service, so It would be great if dynamic form rules could work offline, and they could save the form locally then "sync" when they have cellular service

04-29-2019 14:19

Also interested in this!  Thx!

04-26-2019 16:02

Whoops forgot to respond to that part of your question! At this time, we're focusing exclusively on the end user experience and making that the best it can be.

That being said, we 100% understand the need for schema changes on the go and would like to eventually have this functionality within the mobile app. But because we're focusing so heavily on increasing the number of use cases the Quick Base mobile app can handle, we don't yet have a timeframe for admin or builder functionality from the app.

Great call out though, and thanks for bringing it up!

Take care,

04-26-2019 12:42

I have opened a case this morning. What about being able to make schema changes, e.g. adjust field properties or create a form?

04-26-2019 01:39

We're aiming to deliver some version of offline, barcode scanning, geolocation, and signature by the end of the year, but because we're always learning as we develop, that timeline could possibly shift. It's our target though, so stay tuned!

04-26-2019 01:26

Hm. That's interesting. There shouldn't be any issues opening PDF files, but I'm sorry to hear you've experienced some pain around this. I'd encourage you both to please open a case with our Care team with the details of your situation so we can help troubleshoot. If as a result we identify an issue on our end we'll most definitely address it as this is a core functionality of the platform and mobile app.

Thanks again for posting Wes and Forrest!


04-25-2019 22:56

I have noticed the same error when opening a file within the app.

04-25-2019 19:41

Why might a PDF file attachment not open properly from a form in the mobile app (android tablet or iphone) while it does open fine using a browser? Having the Adobe app on the device does not seem to help.

Also, will we be able to make schema changes at some point as administrators while using the mobile app?

04-25-2019 19:14

looking for offline, barcode, geoloc, multiphoto/multifile and signature (simply a field to sign with stylus or even finger) for field survey and installation data collection. Timeline available for these features?

04-25-2019 19:08

We are a carriage tour company and run a lot of tours each day, and for each tour we take the horses' temperatures and enter that data into QB. So there is a lot of vital information that we need throughout the day for planning and for making sure the animals are not too hot, are getting their breaks, etc. It's all very fast paced. 

We do almost everything from homepages that show table reports which have several fields, and we need to be able to see all of that information at the same time or just by scrolling. So going into records one by one to get small pieces of information does not work for us. 

Until the app experience is expanded and improved a fair amount we will need to stick to Chrome, but I will go ahead and enter support cases for those issues. 

Thank you!

04-25-2019 19:07

as a starting point
- a list of the benefits
- who does it benefit? who does it not benefit?
- how big or important is the anticipated benefit?
- is it quantifiable?
- how does it potentially affect the quality of the data? 
- how does it impact speed and the number of touches/clicks?

04-25-2019 19:04

Thanks for the event! This seems like a great medium for providing feedback. We at CRH appreciate the continued effort to improve the Quick Base platform.  

04-25-2019 19:01

Hey we're signing off now! But we'll take a peek back later to answer any lingering, urgent questions. Thanks for engaging in this "Ask Me Anything" and I personally am thrilled to deliver on some of these requests!

Take care,

04-25-2019 19:01

Thanks all - for your very insightful feedback. We're signing off for now - please continue sharing your valuable feedback, and we'll check back in.

04-25-2019 18:59

Hi Marina,

At this time, there is no way to self-direct to the full site from the mobile app. This is sometimes not ideal, but it is in fact an intentional choice.

Our goal is to continue to provide additional functionality in the mobile app so that navigating to the full site is no longer necessary for viewing reports, etc.

May I ask exactly what types of reports/views you prefer to use the full site for?

Regarding your other issues, I'm sorry to hear you've had those experiences and they all sound a bit puzzling to me. For that reason, I'd recommend you open a support case with our Care team to investigate further. You can contact our Care team when signed into Quick Base by clicking on the question mark icon in the upper right hand corner and selecting Manage Support Cases or directly here

04-25-2019 18:57

Great feedback - thanks @Forrest!

04-25-2019 18:56

What would make the internal demonstration a no-brainer for you and your team? We love the feedback :-) 

04-25-2019 18:56

Not an integration with another service.  Just the ability to capture a signature. 

Saving that signature to a file attachment seems like a good option.

04-25-2019 18:55

That works for me too.

04-25-2019 18:54

Chris, I was recently in a similar situation as Kat and went to the "full site" in the mobile browser.  It was at this point that the non-responsive UI makes it almost impossible to actually accomplish the task at hand.  

04-25-2019 18:53

Dear Forrest,

We're planning on it by the end of 2019. Do you have more information about your specific use case so I make sure we're meeting your needs? Are you thinking of a touch-based signature field that gets captured to a file attachment? Or are you thinking about something along the lines of a DocuSign / adobe sign integration that is encrypted and may require a password, etc.? 

04-25-2019 18:52

We also ended up using Chrome instead of the QBapp.  
I think there will have to be some really significant benefits - that are clearly identified and demonstrated - for us to be able to convince our users (and IT staff) to use the QBapp.

04-25-2019 18:50

Thank you. My personal preference would be that this is something we can set in the user interface tab for Roles, e.g.

Role desktop home page: Dashboard A
Role mobile home page: Dashboard B

04-25-2019 18:48

Hey Kat,

We're currently focused exclusively on the end-user experience and making that the most optimized experience possible.

That being said, we 100% understand the need for this functionality and would like to eventually have this functionality within the mobile app.

A way to get around this is actually through your mobile browser. If you log in from your mobile browser, tap on the three-line "hamburger" menu on the top left, then tap "Full site" it will take you to the same experience you have on your desktop. 

From there, all of your admin options are available, but it just requires quite a bit of pinching and zooming to get the job done. This isn't ideal by any means, but you can modify anything in an urgent situation.

Let me know if you'd like more guidance on this process and we can get you set up!

And thanks for bringing this up.

04-25-2019 18:46

Are there any plans for adding the ability capture a signature?

04-25-2019 18:46

Is there a way to easily switch between the App View and Full Site View in the App? For my business we need to use the Full Site View because it has better visibility for reports etc. but I accidentally clicked the "Back to App View" banner at the top of the screen, and now I can't find a way to get back to Full Site View. (Also, the "Back to App View" button takes up quite a bit of screen space.)

Additionally, I'm not sure if this is the place to bring up functionality issues/bugs, but the main reason my business has been using web browser apps like Chrome instead of the QuickBase App is because we have had a few problems when using the App that we do not have when we use Chrome or Safari:

- Selecting "Save & New" on a record redirects to the "My Apps" page and does not save the record, or sometimes it gets frozen on "Saving..." and you have to go back to the "My apps" page or close the app, and the record does not save. 

- When adding a new record it seems you have to click outside of the field you have entered information into before saving, or else an error returns: "Sorry! It has probably been deleted." (This does not happen when using a web browser app.)

- I have not been able to delete records  - the "Delete" button appears and I can click it, but it does not appear to do anything. 

These are small problems, but they make the workflow cumbersome enough that it is more efficient for us to just use Chrome instead.

04-25-2019 18:46

We would really like to see a fix for the photo rotation issue.

04-25-2019 18:44

Geolocation would be great!

04-25-2019 18:37

What's the roadmap look like for administrative functionality on the mobile app? I recently tried to make adjustments to table permissions using my phone (because it was urgent and I didn't have access to my laptop), and I was unable to do it from the mobile app or mobile website.

04-25-2019 18:36

For me, the ideal is a seamless "web" experience regardless of device, but then an enhanced experience with additional feature (not just different) when using the mobile app.

04-25-2019 18:34

Absolutely. This is what we hear a lot and will support with the new functionality. Thanks again for sharing.

04-25-2019 18:33

Melizzza and Robert,

Yes, multi-file upload is on the horizon, although the timeline is still being determined. We are also very aware of the EXIF issue and are looking into the best way to address this.

Thank you both!

04-25-2019 18:30

Absolutely Frank! We're aiming to deliver this by the end of the year. Stay tuned!

04-25-2019 18:30

That's fantastic feedback, Robert! I'm going to share this with the mobile team

04-25-2019 18:28


We're actively investigating a new form building experience - engineered to be responsive. It'll give you a lot more control over the experience on a variety of devices, with the same level of trust you value in creating your business apps on our platform. From everything that Chris and I know - all that you've mentioned should be addressed in the new form building experience. For full transparency and candor - we don't have a timeline that we can share just yet. 

04-25-2019 18:28

Amen! Push notifications are something we'll be looking into later this year. It's absolutely the next step in communicating with your users and we hear this feedback a lot. Thanks for bringing it up.

04-25-2019 18:24

I would like to expand this to multiple attachments not just photos. I frequently have a group of files that could range from 1 to 15 different files that I need to attach to a single record but don't want to have to have a child table and table report just to see the attachments. _

04-25-2019 18:23

Forrest and Robert,

Thanks for bringing this up. What a big and nuanced question! I love it. I'll try and keep my answer as to-the-point as possible.

Our long-term intent is to create an experience that works everywhere (? la responsive UI), but can be optimized further in more specific ways for specific devices in ways that meet your users needs (? la mobile-specific, screen-by-screen forms, dashboards, etc.).

Our aim is to provide as much custom capabilities as possible in a way that is intuitive to use and consume. 

We'll be continuing to research specifics around this, so always happy to engage to hear more thoughts on this. 

04-25-2019 18:23

Great questions, Olivia!

You have two main options: 
  1. You can create code pages that are linked to from a button. The code page will be able to have the bootstrap CSS linked in it, and you can make a page that has bootstrapped styled buttons and other components. 
  2. Create a rich text field that you link into a form, which can be styled directly with CSS. We're going to follow up with a community article about some of the things we've learned internally about the best practices of this approach. 

04-25-2019 18:21

Would like multi-photo also - but more importantly, I believe there is still a photo rotation problem - some sort of EXIF data issue
- if you take a photo on iPhoneX, it gets rotated counter-clockwise. 

04-25-2019 18:17

Thanks for your feedback - we're actively working on both areas. 

04-25-2019 18:16

Hi Melizza,

You can ask your questions right here and they will respond here. Chris and Bob are working their way through the questions right now!

04-25-2019 18:16

ability to add records offline, ..... and upload them when you're back online. "
- exactly our need...

04-25-2019 18:16

Yes! We're looking into product improvements across the web. Our builder teams will be having their own AMA to share some of the awesome work they're doing. 

The mobile experience is being modernized as we speak - and we're heavily investing in things that provide massive value for our mobile users: offline, barcode scanning, geolocation, push notifications. We're moving towards generally making it a more modern experience, and leveling up to the "2020" app standard as Robert shared. 

04-25-2019 18:14

At empower last year there was mention of a photo field that could take in more than one photo, is that still on the horizon? It would be immensely helpful for our field workers to take several photos but there could be 1 or 10 on each record.

04-25-2019 18:14

We often have remote users, non-staff, collecting data at retail locations - across the country - who have never seen QuickBase before.  The apps need to be super simple - but with enough onscreen help - so they can be self-sufficient. - in the absolute minimum number of touches/clicks.

04-25-2019 18:11

Howdy, Janet!

Yes! We do have a timeline for mobile offline support - we're targeting end of 2019 for some form of offline capability. That may change based on the technical limitations and features you're looking for. 

What offline use-cases are you most interested in?

04-25-2019 18:09

Where are we supposed to go to participate???

04-25-2019 18:09

I would like individual users to be sent to one dashboard designed for a desktop when on a computer and be sent to a different dashboard when logging in using the mobile app. Is this on the horizon?

04-25-2019 18:06

Hey everyone! This is absolutely something we're looking to enabling in the future. Exactly how this will work is still being worked out, but you can look forward to custom app icons and custom in-app branding like logos, splash screens, etc.

What other types of capabilities around this are you all interested in?

04-25-2019 18:04

Howdy, Mitch!
We're actively working on offline capabilities - specifically the ability to add records offline, and then edit and upload them when you're back online. 

Other offline features such as the ability to read reports and view app level data are under investigation. 

What are other offline use cases that you're interested in? 

04-25-2019 17:44

A very important feature we need to have is a push notification capability on the mobile app. Email notifications do not work for this. Basically, we need the ability to alert the mobile user of a new or updated record etc..

04-25-2019 17:43

If the apps are to look like "2020" apps - from a visual design perspective - we will need more options to control the fields, field labels, and free form text. 

04-25-2019 17:40

We need this type of capability also.  

04-25-2019 17:38

We need to have access to more usable screen space for mobile.
For example;
- the option of multiple fields per row, 
- option to remove the "field outline boxes" around every field.
- to fully suppress field labels

04-25-2019 17:32

Interesting use case.   
We need very different functions in the office/desktop compared to the field/mobile.  We often gather onsite audit data and photos. A single experience would probably not work for some of our apps. 

04-25-2019 15:49

This is my question as well. The ability to brand and distribute our own app is crucial to our plans.

04-25-2019 13:59

Our users have primarily been using desktop but a few are starting to use the mobile app. Our bootstrap buttons which work fine in the desktop version are not appearing on the mobile app. Do you have suggestions for either how to get them to appear on mobile forms, or ways we can work around this? Thank you!

04-25-2019 13:51

Please improve speed and offline capabilities like a real native app!

04-25-2019 13:26

Web experience: Layout of fields and field text. Need more flexibility is there a plan for that? 
If I am missing something please direct me to the right place.

04-25-2019 13:16

I'm looking forward to offline mobile capability, is there a timeline for that?

04-24-2019 19:07

I would like to know if the intent is to eventually create a single experience for both desktop and mobile.  With the two separate code basis, there are significant differences in functionality and user experience between the mobile and desktop experiences.  In most cases, I have found that I am almost forced to create a separate form for mobile. 

In my mind, the ideal scenario would be to have a responsive UI that essentially gives the same experience regardless of of which type of device you are using.  

If you want to see what I am talking about, try adding a user to an app from your phone.  It is almost impossible. 

04-24-2019 18:10

I'm sure it's a popular question, but I'm fairly new to Quick Base so I'm unfamiliar with the road map. Will offline workflows be supported in the mobile app at any point in the near future?

04-23-2019 18:49

 Instead of using the generic QuickBase mobile app, can we create our own mobile app, one for each quickbase application? In other words, if I create appA and appB, both being quickbase applications, can I create separate mobile apps, one for appA and another for appB?