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October 2017 Release Notes

By Craig Lordan posted 10-05-2017 23:21

The October 2017 Release Notes are now available here: http://www.quickbase.com/quickbase-blog/october-2017-release-notes


02-17-2018 17:52

>No one can say you are not committed to your brand, sir.

My focus group revealed that people were not groking on the "mo_an the ultimate" moniker so I re-branded to "_anom the ultimate (that's monad backwards)" and adopted the Writer Monad as my avatar:

10-23-2017 12:45

Yep I re-branded myself as mo_an the ultimate to herald in an new epoch of QuickBase usage based on functional programming concepts. Advice Dog gave me the suggestion..

10-23-2017 12:40

OMG. Is that you, Dan?

10-23-2017 12:22

>No one can say you are not committed to your brand, sir.

You will notice that I have rebranded myself as mo_an the ultimate. I was going to do it earlier but I had a hard time finding the appropriate character that looked like a lambda and could be contorted into a d. But I found it the other day so game on:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
coptic capital letter dalda (U+2C86)

I like it much - it has the lambda calculus, monad, and the more-dan meme all wrapped up in one short word.

Things will never be the same once the QuickBase Monad lands on your planet.

10-17-2017 16:27

Keep track of changes to your app with comments in field settings
A new Comments tab appears in field settings. App builders can now add free-form, plain text comments (up to 500 characters in length) as notes to each field. Adding these comments to each field can let app builders document or notate the purpose of some or all fields.

You can of course use these new comments to hold JavaScript or JSON and the values will show up in API calls such as API_GetSchema and API_GetFieldProperties in the XML response within the <comment> tag. Now you have 500 characters of user defined storage associated with every field in your applications! Used in conjunction with a Service Worker (or BOL) you could easily customize the form's operation in some way and be able to save the memory associated with the customization in the field itself. Excellent addition QuickBase.

10-16-2017 18:19

It looks like the "Save & Close" has been removed altogether.


I won't bother with a ticket, as it looks like you guys are already on it.

10-16-2017 16:32

Meh, Service Workers may be god mode for QuickBase but it is so last year. My new branding is ELM. You guys may be futzing around with Angular or React but using ELM with QuickBase is going to be the next big thing.

10-16-2017 14:34

No one can say you are not committed to your brand, sir.

10-16-2017 14:24

No worries. We can fix the broken CSS with Service Workers. Today is the release day for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update which includes Service Workers in Edge.  The Windows version number is 1709 Build 16299.0. I manually update this morning but this update should be pushed out over the next few days for automatic updates. Today Chrome, FireFox, Opera and Edge support Service Workers and Apple is committed to implementing them for Safari.

10-16-2017 14:15

Dan, one of our devs has that mug and it makes me smile every time I see it.

10-16-2017 14:12

10-16-2017 13:12

Matt, open a support case and provide your browser and platform so our care team can get this sorted out.

10-15-2017 18:09

10-15-2017 18:06

Swing and a miss on the CSS for the "Save & Close" button.  I like that you moved it above the "built in" fields, but....

10-09-2017 15:15

Account would be cool, but I think App level is fine.  

I'd just recommend that 3D be the default.  No matter where the option is.

10-09-2017 14:38

OK Thanks. 

10-09-2017 14:36

Thank you for including links! I'll be looking into some reporting enhancements and will keep these in mind.

10-09-2017 14:35

Ed, these are release notes for the October 15 Release, so no one has the new features yet. 

10-09-2017 14:34

@Matthew Neil, Do you mean global at an account level instead of a per-app level? There's a setting under the app branding panel to enable 3D charts for the whole app, I think.

10-09-2017 14:00

I am on Essentials. 
I don't see any of these new features (excluding Super User).
Are they not available for Essentials users?

10-09-2017 05:30

I guess so. It?s just so obscure, I never knew about it in all these years. Now I know and will circle back to enable for my clients using charts.

10-08-2017 21:59

It needs to be a 'global' setting.  Individual reports doesn't make sense for consistency.
Especially if they get used next to each other on a dashboard.

And where it is, makes the most sense, for the application appearance settings.

10-08-2017 04:51

Thx for the tip about the 3D chart option. Yes, that is a pretty obscure location for that setting. It?s not even a setting on the individual chart report setup settings itself,

10-08-2017 03:22


Pleasure to see you on here (and on a Saturday no less).

Most of the times people use summary reports to display information that could (should) be displayed in report to get the whole story.

Different detailed features to make the reports even more functional for digestion.

 Imagine this for Budgets and expense trends, or resource workloads / allocations:
(Pie charts are good for snap shots of data, but if you want to see how things change over time, this is a little easier to understand, compared to a grouped summary report).

Heat Maps are becoming a popular request for some of our sales and national clients.  Not so much for the function, but because they look cool.

One of the big asks is to be able to compare data from different tables.  Most of the time people end up integrating with Tableau, Domo, or some other charting system that can display multiple data sources.
I understand that its different table queries, but you are already running one table query, why not two.

Side note; maybe make "3D shadowing" the default in the branding section.  Makes the graphs look much nicer and might help the conversion / retention from a marketing point of view.  Not many people use / know about that checkbox.

10-07-2017 19:03

Chiming in here.

I would like to be able to force the scale for the line to be the same as the scale on the bar chart when using the combined line bar format.

10-07-2017 15:42

@Matthew Neil, what kind of charts would you like to see? We only upgraded the backend for our charts this release, but will be looking at charting enhancements we can make based on the upgrade in the near future.

10-06-2017 00:05

Curious what options open up with the HighCharts upgrade.