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By Alicia Alicia posted 07-13-2017 20:56



07-25-2017 15:11

Thanks Brian!  I figured Edge wasn't supported and confirmation of that makes it easier for my thought processes to focus on what I will do. (My comment was more of a warning to others to not expect great things via that platform.)  It ends up being rather funny; sometimes it actually does work in Edge - I went back to a page I had tried to put a tab where it didn't "take" and all of a sudden, 15 minutes later, there the tab was!  
I think the only way the Tab 1 confusion arises is when nerds such as I test things before rolling them out to our companies.  I just wanted to see if it would even work, and what it looked like. 
I love QB!

07-25-2017 14:47

Hi Beth,

Microsoft Edge is not currently supported by Quick Base (please see our Browser Requirements help topic an up-to-date list of our supported browsers). As for the first tab which gets created automatically, we did not expect users to manually give their own tab the name "Tab 1"! I hope it's a quick fix for you to re-name your tab in that case.


07-25-2017 13:49

So far it looks lovely and I can't wait to present this to my team!
Note 1: Doesn't work in Edge, at least not as of today, July 25. 
Note 2: If you insert the first tab anywhere but at the beginning, QB will automatically, and logically, insert another tab at the top - you need a way to get back to where you were. It will call the tab you inserted Tab 1, and will also call the tab it inserted Tab 1.  Of course, one could avoid this by naming the inserted tab something rather than just keeping the default. :)

07-14-2017 06:49

Waiting for the release :)