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Old Home Page Retirement

By Sam Jones posted 03-23-2018 16:27

Hi Quick Base Community,
If you've seen our March Release Notes, you may have noted this item:
To improve the customer experience, we will be retiring our old home pagesÑhome pages created prior to the 2013 launch of the drag-and-drop home page builderÑin the coming months. As a first step, we will no longer support copying of old dashboards as part of the March release, on March 25, 2018.
Our intention is to fully deprecate and remove the code supporting our old home pages in September, 2018. As we modernize our product, we will be removing older pieces of code allow our development teams to move more quickly and deliver features more responsively. 

With this release, we'll be removing the ability to copy the old home pages. We're monitoring the usage of these old home pages and will be reaching out proactively to account administrators whose users rely on old home pages to use Quick Base.

As I mentioned with the release of our new calendars, converting from an old home page to  a new one can be incredibly quick. Personally, I'm very interested in understanding any reasons or functional gaps you as a builder may not have switched over to using our newer home pages. 

If you need assistance switching from an old home page to a new one, please don't hesitate to reach out to Customer Support or your Customer Success Manager.

Sam Jones
QuickBase Product Manager


05-09-2018 17:10

Hi All,
I've posted a quick update about some new functionality in the May release. 


TLDR; there'll be a button to kick-off converting your old home pages to new.

Sam Jones
QuickBase Product Manager

04-04-2018 15:59

Thanks Dan, that is what I was afraid of. Moreover, it breaks the link when adding a rich text page link within a dashboard, so I am back on square one. I will have to do some more playing around with the code to see if I can come up with a decent solution. 

04-04-2018 15:52

The slug in the middle of the URL changes with each release. So instead of this URL:


try this one:


If you want to not be sensitive to the slug changing you have to use script to derive its value and build the current URL.

04-04-2018 15:46

Hi Sam - I went ahead and added in the CSS and am getting back a 404 error. Is this the CSS I should be linking to?
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="https://assets.quickbasecdn.net/res/14278a3-2314/css/themes/classic/widgets.css" />

04-04-2018 13:44

That was incredibly helpful.  I missed the html setting on that page setup.

04-04-2018 13:11

I could paste your markup unchanged into a Rich Text Page (in HTML entry mode) and the links redirected properly.

04-04-2018 12:23

I have some apps on Old Home Pages which have tons of links on the dashboard.  Maybe 75 links plus another dashboard page linked off the first one for another set of links.  Because of the large number of links, the old style dashboard is actually better than the New Dashboards for this purpose as the links are more compact and each link looks like a small button which is easier to visually

The links are in the form of an HTML table.  Here is how the links start and there is much more similar code which follows.  My question is - is there any way to migrate that code to the New dashboards so I do not have to to laboriously recreate all those links.  I have tried pasting the code into various types of page such as a text element on the New Home pages and also into Rich text Pages and Code Pages, but all those just seem to reveal the code and not actual act as HTML.

<TABLE border="1" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0">    <tr><td><b>Specials Lists and Stock Finder</b></td>  <td>  <input onclick="parent.location='binu8dfef?a=q&qid=7'" type="button" value="Specials List ALL " />&nbsp;&nbsp;  <input onclick="parent.location='binu8dfef?a=q&qid=5'" type="button" value="Specials List West " />&nbsp;&nbsp;  <input onclick="parent.location='binu8dfef?a=q&qid=6'" type="button" value="Specials List East " />&nbsp;&nbsp;  <br>  <input onclick="parent.location='bhke7mvnu?a=q&qid=77'" type="button" value="Search Specials ALL" />&nbsp;&nbsp;  <input onclick="parent.location='bhke7mvnu?a=q&qid=78'" type="button" value="Search Specials East" />&nbsp;&nbsp;  <input onclick="parent.location='bhke7mvnu?a=q&qid=79'" type="button" value="Search Specials West" />&nbsp;&nbsp;  <input onclick="parent.location='bd6kyiwtz?a=ShowPage&pageid=28'" type="button" value="Stock Finder" />  </td>  </tr> ..... and it just continues for many more table rows.  eventually ending with  </td></tr>    </TABLE>

03-30-2018 19:48

Thanks Sam! I will try that out next week!

03-30-2018 19:37

Hey Ana,
If you put it in a code page, and call the Quick Base CSS at the beginning, you should be able to pick up our styling. Any of our QSPs can probably help out too.

Sam Jones
QuickBase Product Manager

03-30-2018 12:30

Well if you can find them with script you can put a counter in them with script. And the same script that finds them and convert them. It just takes a few minutes - no need to wait for HQ to prioritize and implement your counter suggestion.

03-30-2018 12:16

Thx Dan for the offer.  It is not just locating them but knowing if anyone is using them.  I think that Quick Base will need to put in a counter to know which are in use. 

03-30-2018 10:38

MS>As a developer supporting hundreds of apps, I have no idea where the old dashboards are and if they are in use.  So at a minimum I would want a button to check a Realm for problems.

I don't have any applications with the old style pages. If someone permits me (dandiebolt@yahoo.com) an application with an old style page I can write a script that will scan an entire account and locates. The script is simple but I need to know what to look for and I don't have any applications with the old style pages.

03-29-2018 22:41

As a developer, I am super amped to change all the old dashboards to the new ones. However, in the process of switching them over I came across a...issue. The mac daddy of all dashboards, that runs all of our tracking, does not work in the new dashboard. It is a dashboard that literally only has one widget, a text editor, that hass HTML/javascript thrown onto it. When I put the code in the new dashboard text editor, I got...code. It no longer recognizes HTML vernacular. So I put it in a rich text page, and then threw the url into a link widged on the new Dashboard. But now the Quickbase native CSS classes no longer work (Vibrant, Success, Alert, etc.), because it is a rich text page within a Quickbase coded page. Everything is being overridden. So now I am going to have to create a new CSS page, which connects to the rich text page, to link onto the new dashboard. A very convoluted solution to something that worked perfectly well before. 
Of course, this is a very small issue, luckily with a solution, but it is annoying as all heck, and I hope I don't have to play with this again in a few months when QB comes out with some fancy new UI changes. 

03-29-2018 16:16

Hi All,
We're in the process of gathering usage data on Old Home Pages which are actively being used. We'll be sharing this data with QSPs and Quick Base Customer Success Managers, Support Reps, and Sales Reps, so they can help you out.  We should have more info about all of this before Empower, if not sooner.

Sam Jones
QuickBase Product Manager

03-28-2018 23:06

Sam Jones is a great guy and would not want to arrive at EMPOWER without an answer for us. :) 

I'm sure that there will be a plan for how we will all get from here to there.  We are just helping him here to marshal internal resources for us.

03-28-2018 23:03

Agree with previous posted concerns.  I have no idea which of my apps are using the "old" home pages as referenced in this rather alarming announcement.

03-27-2018 20:25

I agree with the concerns expressed above, and have another to add.  What of Quick Base applications that have been "retired" or "archived"?  These applications may need to be kept for historical / legal / contractual records purposes and may need to be referenced at some point in the future, but are not being actively maintained or updated.  I have some apps in this situation which ONLY have the old home pages.  What will happen to these applications when the old home pages are retired?  What will display on the dashboard if/when the application is opened?

03-23-2018 23:16

As a QSP developer, I have lots of questions about the sunsetting of the old Dashboards.

Is there a communications plan to customers who have old dashboards telling them specifically they have old dashboards and in which apps which have been recently used. Many Customers don't understand old vs new dashboards and they may have legacy apps that are in use which have old dashboards.  So they won't react to a generic email unless they have a button to push to tell them where they have a problem in their Realm. 

As a developer supporting hundreds of apps, I have no idea where the old dashboards are and if they are in use.  So at a minimum I would want a button to check a Realm for problems.

If I miss converting a dashboard after the sunset, will I still be able to see what it was configured like?  ie my client calls up and says "my dashboard is broken".  So I know I need to make a New Dashboard but will I still be able to get at what the old dashboard was setup like after the sunset?  ie, how do I know what the old dashboard did after the sunset.