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Next Meeting: Wednesday 2/28 at 12pm EST

  • 1.  Next Meeting: Wednesday 2/28 at 12pm EST

    Posted 22 days ago

    Hello Education/Non-Profit Customer Network Qrew!

    I wanted to drum up some exciting for our upcoming meeting happening towards the end of February.

    Join us on Wednesday February 28th at 12pm EST where Cullen Coates from Crystal Bay Solutions and Vanessa Young from 30KFT,  based in St. Paul, MN, will be sharing sharing ways they have to improved attendance tracking while at the same time log daily activities and "milestone" achievements for the kids in their program with Quickbase.

    The nonprofit 30KFT is an organization in Minneapolis focused on tech, art and other after school programs for disadvantaged youth. The session will include an application demo  and Q & A session  to discuss the impact of workflow improvements on their programs and ability to provide achievement information to parents and funders. Don't miss this session if you are looking for ways to improve your attendance tracking and reporting. 

    Click here to register to the meeting

    Thank you and I look forward to seeing many familiar and new faces in our meeting.

    Best regards,


    Esther LaVielle