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14 days ago

June 2024 App Builder Network Meeting Recap

Hello App Builders Network Qrew!

Thank you all who were able to attend today’s App Builder Customer Network meeting.

Here’s a recap of today’s meeting:

  1. Georgi Peev, Quickbase Product Manager, walked through the new Application Life Cycle Management Tool, QBL, ALM – Solution APIs and QBL, Service account updates, Admin Console Sync, Feature spotlight – Versioning and Rollback, and gathered Feedback and hosting a very engaged Q&A.
  2. In addition to the copy of the deck that is included with this post, here are the links to the ALM, QBL, and help documents to learn more about what was discussed.

Empower Link to ALM App (coming soon to the Exchange):


QBL Help files

Georgi was very happy to gather great feedback on features that were most important to the group to help his team prioritize the product roadmap. We are all looking forward to seeing more updates  rolling out in the later half of this year.

June 2024 App builder recording and passcode:

Passcode: =&$p&75s

  1. Please let us know if you have any feedback or comments for Georgi Peev and me to follow up on, and don’t forget to upvote feature requests on the Feedback tab.
  2. I am looking for a customer speaker to share a use case at our next meeting on Tuesday July 9th at 12pm EST. If you have a use case and solution that has been great for you, please raise your hand and share to inspire our group!

Thank you all and I look forward to our next meeting in July.

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