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13 days ago

Next meeting App Builders Customer Network Meeting is on Tuesday May 14th at 12pm EST

Hello App Builders Customer Network!

As the title says, our next meeting is this coming Tuesday May 14th at 12pm EST.

Click on this link to register and join the meeting

  • We have a special guest planned for this session! Sam Trachy, from daily Office Hours, will be hosting a 'Relationship Therapy' session to go over the most common relationship fails and solutions he sees folks wanting help with. If you've had Quickbase relationship challenges that's effected your reports, forms, pipelines, and more, this is great session to learn and brush up on your relationship knowledge.

I am particularly excited for this session because will give attendees an idea of how our daily office hours run at Quickbase. If you've never attended an office hour session, I highly recommend going to to register for a session. Bring your questions and stay for answers that will grow your knowledge of Quickbase.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

- Esther

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