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4 years ago

Add a new question under a question field

Hello everyone,
I have a question field with a lots of questions underneath it which i imported from excel.
How do i insert a new question in between any one of those questions under the Question field. The questions under the Questions field are not field and my guess is that each question is a record.
Please see attachment.
thank you,

Reza Khosrowabadi

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  • It sounds like you may be very new to Quick Base and I'm glad you found your way to the Community Forum. You are correct in thinking that each Question is a record. That does not mean that Question is not a field, however. From your image, it looks to be that you have a Table called 'HR ECE Question Templates'. That table has several fields - 'Question', 'Category', 'Question Order', etc. The values that are recorded in those fields make up a Record.

    Now, to your question about inserting a Question in between others. I would first encourage you to reach out to the builder of your application and see if they can provide you any information that would be specific to your process. Hopefully, they would be able to answer any application-specific questions you may have. Generally speaking, though, you would add a record to a table by using the "+" icon at the top-right of your screen and then selecting the type of record you'd like to add OR you can select the green button at the top right labeled "+ New HR ECE Question Template". I don't know your app, but it looks like you have a field that would control the order the Questions appear - "Question Order". You would probably need to re-arrange the questions in order to insert something between two others, if that field is in-fact used as I assume. Depending on what the app-builder tells you, it may be acceptable to simply add a fractional number. For example, if you needed to insert a record between Question 3 and 4, you might be able to use 3.5. Again, though, I would check with the app-builder for the correct process for that.

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