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8 years ago

Announcing QuickBase Service Worker Council and QuickBase Crank

The newly formed QuickBase Service Worker Council met this morning for breakfast at the annual QuickBase Empower conference in Boston to welcome new members, clarify it's charter and review new applications that incorporate Service Worker technology into QuickBase. I am happy to announce the the Service Worker Council has unanimously voted to implement and release the QuickBase Crank proposal which will allow QuickBase users to significantly speedup their QuickBase applications.

QuickBase Crank allows a user to configure a custom Service Worker which can modify the caching policy of critical assets such as JavaScript and CSS files, substitute a minimized and faster loading version of an asset or even block the loading of subordinate assets that are not critical to the performance of a QuickBase application. Initial testing of QuickBase Crank have demonstrated a twofold increase in page loading times as well as the potential for offline usage of a QuickBase application with later synchronization when network connectivity is regained.

In addition to its technical capabilites - which are quite impressive - QuickBase Crank requires no external services or subscription fees and is widely supported in modern evergreen browsers.

The QuickBase Service Worker Council is also announcing a call for new members and new features to implement with Service Worker technology. If you would like to participate in the Service Worker Council meetings and deliberations or have a suggestion for using Service Worker technology with QuickBase feel free to reply to this message or contact me off-line using the information in my profile.

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  • Hi Dan,

    It is a great news. I am waiting for this.

    Could you please tell me how can I participate in this?


    Gaurav Sharma
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    Count me in.  Are you bringing the sandwiches?  Just kidding.

    Thank you for advancing new ideas and technologies.  We at Quick Base cannot possibly know every customer's needs and wants and it's technologies like this that help fill in the blanks.


    Let's see if we can do a webinar with a few use-cases.  We can document some use-cases with getting started code and graphics.


    Kirk Trachy