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2 months ago

Embed quickbase form on public web page

I have done this before, but it's been a while, and my brain doesn't seem to be working today.  I've also searched and not come up with the solution.  I have a form to add a record, it's open to "everyone on the internet".  I can open it in a browser I am not logged into and it works as I want it to.  Now I want to embed this on a public web page.  I cannot figure out the iframe embed code to make it work.  I have a specific form assigned to "everyone on the internet", and I'd like to strip all the Quickbase "stuff" from the page and just have a "Submit" button that saves and redirects to some kind of thank you page on the site.  

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        nvm.  I figured it out.  That share link has options.  Selecting confirmation message puts up a nice green checkbox.


    Thanks Everett!  Do you know where I could find the reference materials for the parameters you put on the URL? 

  • What I am getting at is that I can't remove the "Save" button that shows at the top.  &ifv=1 get's rid of the rest of the QB interface, but not that.  I have added a "Submit" button that works fine, but the save button goes to "page unrecognized" if I click it.  It does save the record, but I can't have people getting that message. 


  • Thanks again Everett.  That works.  I am also posting the answer I got from support.  I feel kind of dumb that I didn't notice this.  When modifying the form, there's a share button.  Clicking that gives you a form that will give you the embed code.