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Billing Account Transfer - When my Admins have left the company and I need someone to take over

A Billing Account Transfer is a process that exists to help those Accounts where the Billing Account Administrator has departed the company without promoting a replacement as an administrator with full permissions. When this happens a user on the Account or with the company can submit an Account Transfer request as a support case and partner with the Care Team to help them appoint a new Billing Account Administrator. In order to do this the Care Team does need both written authorization and proof of identity to establish ownership of the Account and affiliation with the company. In order to submit this documentation and begin the process, please do the following listed below:

1. Print and fill out the form that is at the following URL:

2. Scan the documentation.

3. While logged into QuickBase, click Help on the Global bar.

4. Choose Manage Support Cases.

5. Click + New. A pop-up window appears.

6. Fill out the Subject and Details areas explaining that you need us to process the transfer for you.

7. Click Browse and attach the documentation.

8. Click Create to send the request. A Customer Care rep will get in touch with you shortly to help.

Already have a case open for your transfer? If you already have a support case open for this issue, and one of our Customer Care reps sent you to this page, you can attach the form to your existing case. After you've printed out the form linked in Step 1 above, filled it out, and scanned all the documentation, you can:

1. While logged into QuickBase, click Help on the Global bar.

2. Choose Manage Support Cases.

3. Click to select your transfer support case on the left side.

4. Write us a quick note pointing out the attached file in the bottom-right.

5. Click Browse and attach the documentation.

6. Click Save to send the file. A Customer Care rep will reach out to you to give you a hand.
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