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4 months ago

Application Transfer to other billing account

Hi, I am curious to know if pipelines and related workflows of an app are also transferred to the new account when the app is transferred to another billing account.

Thanks in advance!


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  • Hi Shivani,

    This is Quickbase's standard response to copying/transferring apps from billing account to billing account (realm to realm).

    Some things to keep in mind with regard to changing a realm name, or transfering an app to a different realm are that, when this change goes through, anything that depends on knowing the address for your Quickbase account will cease working. Any external apps making API calls will break.  Any Automations working in an app in the realm will need to be migrated to Pipelines and adjusted. This also goes for the bookmarks people have made to, those old links will result in an error page.

    1. URL formulas (custom buttons you've made that reference, specifically, your existing Quickbase domain).
    2. Webhooks and Actions (look at each one in each app to see if any are referencing your existing Quickbase domain).
    3. External scripts (if you're working with one of our Partners, for example, you may want to reach out to them to see if this will impact any work they have done for you in the apps).
    4. Custom code pages that have been created that look at the URL for its direction and functionality. See #3 above if you have been working with one of our Partners.
    5. External apps making API calls would also be impacted. See #3 above if you have been working with one of our Partners.
    6. Any scheduled  "Automations" you have created should be migrated to Pipelines and then the new Pipelines should follow step #8
    7. SSO configurations will break without a couple of updates after a domain change. (only applicable for relam name change)
    8. Pipelines using Quickbase channels will need to have a new Usertoken assigned to them. After the move, generate a new Usertoken, log into Pipelines and go to My Accounts under your name in the upper right.
    09. Exact Forms: If any of your apps are using Exact Forms you will need to update/remake them for the new realm (with a new user token)

    However, you also need to consider your app and attachment sizes for each app.  There is a 75mb upper limit for the self-serve process. 

    Something else to consider is inter-app dependencies. Here is pro-tip I learned through execution.

    Copy your applications in the current realm as a backup.  Then make the transfer to your new billing account/realm with the original.  Apps that have interdependencies will reference that app in the new realm without breaking the table relationships.  Follow the same step for the interconnected apps. 

    For example: I had 3 apps that had table relations between the 3.  Moving the originals preserved those table relations. 

    If I had moved the copies and used those instead, the copies would have reference the original applications and would have need to rebuild any relationships that were referencing the wrong app in the new target billing account/realm. 

    Hope this helps, 

    Rob Simmons