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5 months ago

Trouble trying to manage billing account - invalid application

Anyone else getting the 'Invalid Application' error when trying to use the manage billing account function?

QB made a recent change, and now if I try to manage billing account, it fails in many scenarios.

  1. It fails from new dashboards.
  2. It fails from reports now that it has added the /tablereport to the URL (without that, it works)

I can tell, what it is doing is adding the application ID into the URL, which causes it to fail. I can work around my manually removing the app ID, but when I report this to customer support they say  they cannot replicate.

Everyone in my org that has admin access is getting the same error. I get the error on every browser, even when cache is cleared, so it is very surprising to me they cannot replicate. Is anyone else getting this error?

Mike Tamoush
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