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5 years ago

Branding On Load - no longer functional?

We've utilized this technique for multiple projects and it no longer functions.  Anyone come up with a creative workaround for this yet?  Or is this something being discouraged from using? 


Christine Suarez

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  • Hi Christine,

    As Austin was mentioning we are working right now to be very clear to all our builders that BOL and IOL based solutions are not something that we support. The most important reason to know that is that as we continue to focus on making the platform even better that means things previous built using BOL and IOL can and most likely will break over time. We love seeing the innovation that a lot of our builders bring to the platform and we appreciate the drive they have to make change happen in Quick Base but the original ability to use BOL and IOL stems from a bug that we do need to eventually close. The fact it can be done right now is a security concern and being trusted is a main principal for us. Builders relying on these techniques will result in instability so we want to make sure everyone is informed so they don't pour that effort into a fix that could not last.

    We also want to make sure everyone knows that our product development team is laser focused on extensibility as a principal with our new UI work. To help give some clarity on options available to our builders and developers we do now have an Extending QB doc in our Help that can be a great place to start and that we will be keeping up to date as we continue to develop these practices. 

    Evan Martinez
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    All things like BOL and IOL are very much discouraged from being used by QuickBase themselves. They do not support those things so it is a "use at your own risk" kind of thing where they might make a change that breaks it forever at any time. Chances are it won't just break and stop working but it could happen.

    Do you get any errors in console at all?

    Looking at the original BOL post there was a post from the end of 2019 that said they had an issue using it without grabbing it straight form the pastie. Once they grabbed it at the link below it worked for them. Can you give that a try and get back to me?

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      I'm also facing the same issue.
      I had some Javascript running on an app for a few months.

      Now, the Javascript is not being triggered at all.
      It looks like QBase is overwriting the "TextColor" field to be Black, rather than white followed by the js injection.

      Let me know if anyone finds a workaround, please!
      I will continue looking into this.

      Raul Gonzalez