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4 years ago

Date Formatting


I am just trying to change date formats in Quickbase.

Normally I would have:


Would like to change the hyphens to backslash:


I am outputting a CSV file for import into an accounting program.  Accounting program does not recognize hyphens.

I am hoping this is a simple fix.

Thank you,


Dirk Ruana

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  • Hi Dirk,

    In the past I have done this into a separate formula text field by using the SearchAndReplace function to search a field for any instance where a - appears and replacing it with a /. That way when you export a report you can specifically export that field and any dates that were captured in the other format will get changed and any dates that are already in the right format should be ignored and passed over correctly. 

    SearchAndReplace formula reference

    Evan Martinez
    Community Marketing Manager
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