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7 years ago

IOL Technique Officially Approved By QuickBase

I missed this the other day when I posted about the form used by QuickBase on thier  Quick Base Customer Awards nominations. In my post I mentioned that QuickBase had created a custom Save button that saved and redirected  to a unique page and I also presented the code they used. What I forgot to mention (I missed seeing it) is that QuickBase itself is using a version of the IOL technique to hide the native Save button so as to make the custom Save button the only functioning button.

The Forum post has been removed:

But the new record pages are still accessible:

The Quick Base Hero Award ~ Add New Record

If you watch very carefully upon page reload you can see the Save button momentarily appear and is then rapidly hidden.

The HTML code QuickBase is using to achieve this is as follows:

<table id="sect_s8" class="formSection LabelsAbove">
  <tr class="formRow ">
    <td id="tdl_23" class="label lc RichTextField" colspan=100>
      <label class="fieldLabel " for='_fid_21'><b >Hide Green Buttons</b></label>
      <div id="tdf_23" class="cell dc RichTextField" >
        <img src='/i/clear2x2.gif' 
Here is a screenshot of the relevant HTML in the inspector (which helpfully points out an unbalanced </span> element)

The code above basically uses the image onload technique I created almost a decade ago but simply does not use a code page because the script in question was so short.

So we have to conclude that QuickBase sees the value in script as a handy workaround and will be working hard to provide a supported way to introduce script into the product.
For reference here is the accompanying post that described how QuickBase formed their custom Save button:

This is !important

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  • Hi Dan,

    Good to hear that. I just went to the nomination page and saw the same thing which you have mentioned above. It's great to see that they are now using Officially - "IOL".


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      Yes - and we need them to start using Service Workers.
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  • Now its actually the complete opposite - they're doing away with it. Was great while it lasted.