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Service Worker Travel Log - Day 2

QuickBase Service Worker Travel Log - Day 2

Day 2 - How To Get Rid Of Em?

I a nutshell, you really can't git rid of a Service Worker. While it is technically possible to unregister a Service Worker, more than likely it will simply reappear on your next page visit because that is what the owner of the website intended. As a developer who has the appropriate permission from the owner to register a Service Worker you will probably repeatedly register and unregister a Service Worker during development. But users of a website cannot in practical terms block a Service Worker from registering. And there would be little reason to do so as Service Workers are intended to improve your experience.

When you visit a web side there are a number of things that happen beyond simply displaying a page.  When a page loads all sorts of information may be saved in Cookies, Local Storage, Session Storage, IndexDB, Memory and Disk Cache, History Buffer or Form Auto Fill etc. All of these features are intended to improve your experience on subsequent visits by saving information that will likely be reused or to speed up your next visit. A Service Worker is just a short piece of JavaScript that is also saved in your browser and springs to life to perform some helpful task when you next visit the same website or some domain event occurs such as regaining network access after being offline.  You can close your browser tab, close your browser or reboot you computer - a registered Service Worker will continue to operate when the browser is again opened. You can't get rid of a Service Worker unless you take a specific action to remove it. For the most part that is exactly how all of the storage mechanisms listed above work in your browser - they persist their information until explicitly removed.

To get you more comfortable with Service Workers here is a Chrome Extension you can load that will provide a visual indication if the page you visit has registered a Service Worker:

Service Worker Detector

Here is are a couple of screenshots of a site ( that uses a Service Worker and displays some technical information about it using the above extension:

Just click on the Service Worker icon displayed to the right of the address bar to display the technical details:


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