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2 years ago

Service Workers

Has anyone ever tried using Service Workers and what was the outcome on the actual user interface? I know there is a Register Service Worker phase, if it is registered once does each specific user have to register it? Or does the one time registration activate it. 

Adis Kljajic

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  • We use Service Workers extensively by team/department.  The UI depends on the Role, ours are Admins.  We used them for everything that would break if employee left.  Webhooks, notifications, pipelines, Etc.  The password is stored in a PAM Vault (Password Access Management).  The usage is limited to just a few admins/service worker in our case.  Once setup it is pretty simple for us.  I don't manage the realm so I cant speak to set up on the back end.  

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      I think Adis is asking about this below and Greg is referring to a "Service Account".

      But I'm not certain. 

      We do not use Service Workers at this time. 

      Dan Diebold wrote about them several years ago and he was pretty excited. I looked at them and it is interesting but at the time I was still trying to get my head wrapped around other processes and lost interest.

      I would definitely like to experiment with them and try to understand their benefits and detractors. 

      If you get into them, I would like to hear about your experience and any advice on what not to do.

      Jim Harrison
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        As far as I know, the service workers hack is dead.  Attempting to create a service worker fails because they have the content security policy set to block all sources for worker scripts.

        This was likely done to help prevent cross-site scripting attacks, which I think is the same reason they removed the ability to add JavaScript to rich text formulas.

        Tyler Jablonski