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5 years ago

Tanner Pruitt Introductuion

Hello, my name is Tanner Pruitt. I recently started as a Project Manager at Noash Construction, a Communications Tower Construction, Maintenance, and Service company in Sebree, KY. I am also a recent grad from the University of Southern Indiana. I am wanting to connect with other Quickbase users in order to bounce ideas off of one another and continue to optimize our systems and integrate as many spreadsheets and processes as we can. I am quite new to Quickbase, but have been able to begin the set up for a project management app that is helping us keep track of a project from the time a quote comes in to the closing/invoicing/payment processes all under the same coding, while also having one spot for all of our related documents. I would love to begin communicating and building relationships with other professionals. Connect with me via LinkedIn, I hope to connect with you all soon.

Tanner Pruitt
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