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8 years ago

What is the QBSW (QuickBase Service Worker)?

What is the QBSW (QuickBase Service Worker)?

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  • What an excellent and timely question. I am happy to provide some information on this Forth of July holiday as Service Workers are the greatest QuickBase innovation to date. You many not completely understand the first eight pages of the attached pdf document but have a look at the second from last page as it lists a wide range of features you can implement today with QuickBase and Service Workers.

    I will be providing demos of each of the listed features. If you have a request you feel matches one of these features let me know and I may well implement your request as part of the demos.
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      I was wondering if the mentioned pdf document was still available somewhere? I would really like to know more about Service Workers integration in Quick Base!
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      I still have the document. It is dated July 4 2016 and a lot of things have changed (for the better). Service Workers is god mode for QuickBase - no kidding here. Email me if you want more information.
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      We're in process of getting started with QuickBase and I'm very interested in getting my hands on a document showing what this Service Worker can do? What are the prerequisites to get it up and going? Are there any out-of-the-box tools designed for QuickBase that we can use to track changed records?

  • I saw this in action - very interesting and a wide range of applicability.
  • Great work on this Dan -- this will be better than sliced bread for the QuickBase community. The applications seem endless. Looking forward to diving in once available. Already dreaming up some use cases for things like field validation, custom alerts for better UX, custom branding, etc.. wow
  • Service Workers are available today in Chrome, FireFox and Opera and Microsoft has Service Workers in development for Edge. Tomorrow the the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will include the Fetch API for Edge which is an important prerequisite for Microsoft implementing Service Workers. Here is a blurb from the horse's mouth concerning the Fetch API and Service Workers:

    The road to Service Worker
    When we talk about Fetch we are not just talking about the APIs that are meant to succeed XHR, we are also talking about the underlying algorithms and process of retrieving resources. In fact, XHR has been rewritten to be defined in terms of the Fetch algorithms, effectively making Fetch a superset of XHR. The Fetch spec also defines how every resource request is routed to and intercepted by a Service Worker. Read more at
  • Hey Dan,

    Any update on making these demos?  I am really curious to see what Service Workers are capable of.

  • > I am really curious to see what Service Workers are capable of.
    I use them today in Chrome, and FireFox but I am waiting for Service Workers to land in Microsoft's Edge browser (they are in development now) before posting public examples:

    You probably are using Service Workers from other sites already and didn't know it due to you casual browser history. Check for your installed Service Workers using these URLs:




    Here is a handful of non-developer sites that have active Service Workers installed on my boxen:,,, TheGuardian.copm,,

    If you find something interesting send it to me! Other than the occasional blog or presentation it can be difficult to find material on Service Workers. I actually visited a local university computer lab and harvested all the installed Service Workers the other users left behind on the computers. Now I am the president of the Service Worker Union!!!
    As alway0s, feel free to contact me off-world using the information in my profile if you have an immediate need: