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4 years ago

Working with two tables

I have two tables which The following lists show the table names in Bold and then some of of the fields in the tables listed below the table names. I am trying to ensure that a ticket entered in the Tickets  table to record work being done is a valid ticket that has been shipped to a location in the Field Ticket Stock Table before the ticket can be saved in the Tickets table. I have been trying variations of the table to table relationships so I can try to do a search of the Field Ticket Stock Table to see if the Ticket # from the  Tickets table exists otherwise the user will be given a message that the Ticket # cannot be used. I have been unable to make this happen and am looking for suggestions on how to make it work. 

Field Ticket Stock Table                Tickets

T#                                                          Ticket #
FT#                                                        Field Ticket #
Type of Work                                      Location   
Date Shipped to Location               TOW
Location                                              Location
Who Shipped.​​                                   Date of Service
                                                             (this table has 233 fields)​​​

Paul Guillory
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