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8 months ago

Join us for the Cash Money Qrew kick-off call on Wed, 10/18!

Looking forward to seeing you all at our Cash Money Qrew Kick-off call on Wednesday, October 18th @ 12pm EST.

We have finalized agenda and it will be a great meet-up! 


  • Welcome & Introductions
    • Discussion: What would you like out of the group & future topics
  • Breakeven Calculator
    • Krunal Thakkar, Sr Finance Associate & Qrew Leader will share the Breakeven Calculator he built in Quickbase
  • Monthly Close Checklist
    • Diana Ciccolini, Sr Manager Accounting @ Quickbase will share the Monthly Close Checklist Quickbase App that she built for the Quickbase Accounting team to close out the books every month

Please help us spread the word and invite colleagues and builders to attend!

More about the Cash Money Qrew...
Are you looking for a way to build financial Quickbase apps that can handle cash-related activities and challenges? Join the Ca$h Money Qrew, a community of customers who are passionate about learning, connecting, and growing with Quickbase. You will get to share use cases, solve problems, and exchange tips with other financial app builders. The Ca$h Money Qrew is the ultimate place to unleash your Quickbase potential.

Caroline Stuart-Freas

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