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6 months ago

Catching Up with Our Houston Qrew Family!

Hey Houston Quickbase Fam! 🚀

First off, my apologies for the radio silence – the holiday season and a family situation kept me away longer than expected. But hey, I'm back and super excited to chat about our first-ever Houston Qrew meetup on October 26th, 2023!

Wow, What a Crowd!

We thought maybe 10 of you Quickbase wizards would show up, but guess what? We hit a sweet 15! That's right, our Qrew is growing and how! 🎉

Reflecting on Our First Gathering

Our meetup was a blast – more than we could have asked for our first time around. We picked the topics, but noticed we could've stirred up more chit-chat. Lesson learned, and we're all about making things better.

We Want to Hear from YOU!

Your ideas matter big time! What do you want to talk about next time? Shoot us your thoughts for future meetups. After all, this Qrew is all about what YOU want to explore in the Quickbase universe.

Get Ready for Weekly Fun Challenges!

Here's something cool – we're rolling out weekly challenges in our Qrew Community. Think trivia, build-offs, maybe even a scavenger hunt. It's all about having fun while we learn and grow together.

Next Meetup – You Call the Shots!

And hey, we're putting the power in your hands for our next meetup. Keep an eye out for a poll to pick the best time for our next get-together. Your vote counts!

I can't thank you enough for making our first meetup a hit. You guys are the real MVPs! Let's keep this energy going, and I can't wait to see what we'll create and solve together in our next sessions.

Stay awesome, Houston Qrew!


Blake Harrison

Houston Qrew Captain 🌟

Blake Harrison
Systems Analyst / Quickbase Developer
BCF Partners Capital
Houston TX
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