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3 years ago

My Team Builds Solutions that Help People - Join Us!

Hi All,

My team at CVS is looking to add a Quickbase "guru" to help us build solutions that help our Clinical Services staff help our customers.  We have some legacy Quickbase applications as well and we see room for extending and improving them too.  We have some projects, and will soon have more, that capitalize on Quickbase API integration which is very exciting for us.

We need a self-starter that is comfortable working to understand a problem, asking great questions to build solid requirements, then building solutions to meet the needs.  We are a small team of senior developers with various technical strengths, working collaboratively and directly with Clinical SMEs, to crush pain points with world class solutions; without a lot of the typical IT overhead process drudgery.

We get things done pretty well with Quickbase today but we need someone who can help us fly!  Could it be you?

Login to BrassRing to see the posting details.  Search for "Senior Application Developer (Clinical Operations)"
Apply here!

Thomas Cupit

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  • This opportunity has been claimed!!  How do I close the discussion item?

    Thomas Cupit
  • Hi Thomas,

    Good morning.

    I am a Certified QuickBase Expert Builder with 7+ years of experience in QuickBase application Development and Training.
    - Workflows
    - Automations using QuickBase Pipelines
    - Reports and Charts
    - Dashboards
    - Third Party Application Integration.

    Please let me know if we can setup a quick call for this position.

    Samir Agrawal
    Agrasen Technologies Inc.
    mobile: +14076071516
    Office: +16892058418

    1317 Edgewater Drive Suite 962 • Orlando, FL. US 32804