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5 years ago

Senior Quickbase Developer needed

Juniper Consulting is growing and we need another developer to help lead a new project. We seek an experienced app builder to join our Boston-based team.  Here's some more about the job. We look forward to hearing from you!


We are a software innovation firm building Quickbase applications for the medical industry. We have a client we've serviced for over one year and now this client set to achieve it's next business objectives. Like other clients we've had before, building a Quickbase application for this client will also be required to help them maximize their potential. The project goals have been defined and the MVP scope is nearing finalization. We seek a highly experienced Quickbase developer to join our team and work about 20 hours per week or more for the next 1-3 (possibly more) months to help build infrastructure and functionality on this application.  The first phase of this project is mapping a patient to a specific health care provider. 

You'll be responsible for: 

  • Creating a script that matches patients to provider based on a set of criteria
  • Allows health care providers to accept referrals via email
  • Ensures that no Patient Health Information (PHI) is shared during the email correspondence
  • Commenting your code so others can understand the algorithm
  • Testing the script's functionality

Eventual responsibilities may include: 

  • Integrating our Quickbase application with an EMR (electronic medical record software)
  • Integrating our Quickbase application with a clearinghouse (for insurance)
  • Integrating our Quickbase application with Quickbooks 

The ideal candidate would: 

  • Understand how to achieve business goals against the limitations of what Quickbase can provide
  • Work effectively in a team in an agile environment
  • Be proficient and creative with extending Quickbase's functionality with custom scripts
  • Have a strong ability to test your own work and submit fully functioning modules for deployment
  • Demand a full understanding of a requirements document and articulate its intended goal
  • Possess the humility to recognize and communicate the limits of your expertise and reach out for collaboration in order to overcome challenges
  • Think about the scalability of what you are building and how it can be used elsewhere
  • Understand how the modules you build can be understood and advanced by future developers
  • Be able to teach another developer how their code operates so it can be modified

Requirements Include: 

  • Must be a US citizen
  • 2 years or mid to high level of Quickbase experience
  • Have knowledge of various integrations/APIs
  • Strong expertise in QB scripting
  • Computer science degree or equivalent experience in software development 
  • Must have access to a quality webcam, microphone to videoconference with lead architect (for standup)
  • Must be available for standup sometime between 9AM and 5PM EST (We are flexible on when the actual coding is completed, so long as we have a daily standup)
   If you have a passion for solving complex operational problems with Quick Base, then message me with your resume. 

Thank you, 


John Bauer
Juniper Consulting

Boston, MA
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