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6 days ago

June 2024 Manufacturing Customer Network Meeting Recap

Thank you all who were able to join Tod Samson and me at the Wednesday Manufacturing Customer Network meeting!

Here's a quick recap of what we covered: 

  1. Sarah Rhyne, Manufacturing Customer Advisor, and Elena Larrabee, Technical Enablement Consultant, was on hand to help answer questions from our host Tod Samson and the audience after playing a 20 min video of Josh Cranfill’s overview of new manufacturing apps that are ready to be used from the exchange. Click here to watch Josh Cranfill’s Empower video
  2. Here’s the link to today’s recording:

Passcode: W+Q#6aRf

Thank you to Sarah Rhyne, Manufacturing Customer Advisor and Elena Larabee, Technical Enablement Consultant, for joining us today! They will soon become familiar with faces at our meetings and a great resource for our customers in the manufacturing industry. If you have any questions for them, be sure to reach out and let us know.

  1. With the new CMMS app available in the exchange, our team is looking for customers who would be able to offer feedback to help make this app to the next level with real-world use cases and workflows. Please reach out to us as you download and work with the CMMS and let us know what you love and what you wish it could do to make it ideal for your organization.
  2. Your Response is needed!  Next month, our next expected meeting is on Wednesday July 3rd, which is right before the holidays. Will you be planning to attend or will you be on vacation that day? Please respond here to a one-question survey so the network team can plan accordingly.
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