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3 months ago

February 2024 Post-Network Mobile Workflow Qrew Recap

Hello Mobile Network Qrew!

Thank you for attending our second Mobile Workflow Qrew meeting of the year. Here's a quick recap of what happened and what's to come in March:

  • We had up to 39 people attend Wednesday's session. We ran a Menti and found that half of the room have experience using Quickbase mobile, about 2 people are using FastField, and the other half is curious to learn more about mobile solutions.
  • Matthew Frye, Customer Advisory Director from FastField, joined us to share FastField use cases, optimization tips, and introduced the new FastField Beta Program to the group. Access the recording below to watch what you missed.
  • February Mobile Customer Network Qrew Meeting-20240221_180412-Meeting Recording.mp4

    Password: Feb2024mobilenetworkmeeting

  • We had a lot of questions from the audience have have been forwarded to the FastField team and will be answered in another post in the near future. Stay tuned for this to be published here in the Mobile Qrew Discussions site. 
  • BETA PROGRAM UPDATE: HOT OFF THE PRESSES! Just as we finished our meeting, I received an update that the FastField Beta program is now officially included in the Beta program app! This means if you would like to try out FastField, you can read how to do it  here and get started today! 

Our next mobile network meeting is in one month on Wednesday March 20th at 12pm EST. We will be showcasing how to bring Quickbase and FastField together by bringing in one of our expert Quickbase Solutions Consultants who can showcase the architecture of creating, deploying, and analyzing data collected in the field. Polina Georgieva and Matthew Frye will also be on hand for a lengthy Q & A discussion. It's going to be a great meet up next month so RSVP to our next meeting today!

Thank you and have a great rest of your afternoon.


Esther LaVielle
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