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3 months ago

Quicken Integration or Budget Template

Do you know if Quickbase integrates with Quicken? 

Also, where can I find beginning info on setting up a budget and ledger? I searched the website and there were so many posts, wasn't sure where the beginners post on budgeting.

Aparna Kommineni

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  • Hi Apara! 

    As long as Quicken has an open API (this is really in the weeds and a bit technical) then yes, we could connect with them. I don't believe it is one of our built-in connectors though, so hooking that up would take a bit more know-how.

    Regarding a budget and ledger - there are a few apps in the exchange if you search "budget" that can get you started. Feel free to start mapping and modeling that out and bring your questions to Office Hours! 


    Manny De La Cruz
    CS Team Lead