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2 months ago

Shareouts for Philly Qrew Meetup!

Good morning everyone,

We are excited for next week's Philly Qrew Meetup! We wanted to reach out to you all and ask if there is anything you would like to discuss during the meeting? 

These Qrew meet ups are for us, by us, and the perfect place to show off your app building chops, get feedback on a particularly tricky use case, or ask any of those lingering questions.

If you have anything you would like to share or go over during next week's meeting, please let us know in the chat!

That being said, regardless, Manny will be giving us a sneak peak at some new features coming to Quickbase and how builders in Philly can leverage these new tools!

Can't wait to see everyone next week!

Mihir Mulloth
Policy and Project Manager
City of Philadelphia
Philadelphia PA

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  • I saw in the March Release they have a new Exchange with support for formula and Jinja snippets.   Would be curious to look at that in a little more detail.

    Carlos Santiago
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      We'd love to talk about the new exchange, its content improvements, and where it is headed. This is only the beginning of what it could become so lets dive!  Besides this going GA there are also a few other improvements around accessing it and interactions with sandbox we can review as well.

      Nico Cantillo