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4 months ago

Wednesday 2/14 Call Recap

Hey All,

Per our call on Wednesday, I've set up this space as a place where we can communicate, ask each other questions, share what's working in our respective Qrew Groups.

What we decided on Wednesday...

1) We would use Qrew Discussions as a place to communicate in between calls. As this is a private, invite-only space, I'd recommend bookmarking it as you won't be able to find it without the URL.

2) We would be setting up virtual meetings with our respective Qrew Groups on the 4th Wednesday of each month, starting in March. This means Wednesday, March 27th would be the next call. Qrew Coaches can be in charge of setting up these call cadences in Teams.

3) Ben's going to work on gathering a list of Quickbase employees that are willing to contribute to future meetups, along with their roles at the company, hoping to provide more insight into who we can ask to participate.

If I missed anything, please add it below. Thanks all!

Ben Simon

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