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December 2021 Release Webinar Q&A!

December 2021 Release Webinar Q&A!

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who attended the December 2021 Matthew and Manny Sho..... I mean, Release Webinar! Below are the questions from the Q&A Section that we did not have time to answer live, along with some that were answered, but merited re-mentionng.  

  • Can you choose the text that shows up in the timeline bars? Or does it have to be the first column? 
    •  In the current state, the Timeline Report bars display the text of the first column selected in the “Columns to display” section.  
  • Can you add time to the timeline report? We are trying to create a report the will show when associates will be in the office for a 1 - 2 week span.
    • In the current state, the Timeline report only allows for date ranges. Duration and Time of Day fields are not yet supported. 
  • For the rich text emails - Is it possible to include a Quickbase-generated chart in an email? 
    • In the current state, the email cannot reference a Chart/Graph. Alternatively, the Quickbase generate emails can include images in most formats, so the chart could be saved as a PNG and then inserted into the Email.  
  • When might Gantt Charts be able to support Multiple Icons or Date Ranges on the same row? 
    • This is a great question, as of right now, we don’t have a timeframe for this, but submitting it to Product Feedback would help expedite this.  
  • For Timeline reports, can you drag the timeline bar to modify the date of the record? 
    • No, the bars are visual representations of the date range. This is also a great opportunity to leverage the Product Feedback and get this on the Product Team’s radar. 
  • Is the Gantt chart the best way to show a typical work week and everyone's schedule for in the office times and out of the office times? 
    • We’ve seen Calendar reports used more frequently for this but a Gantt chart could be used as well depending on the specific use case.  Calendars are easier to adjust the view at the moment without going into settings to view month, week, or Day 
  • When are Notification Audit logs coming? 
    • We don't have a timeline at this time for that functionality but we did bring this up to our product team. Submitting this to Product Feedback would help expedite this. 
  • Someone noted in the chat that calendars are now available on the dashboard.  When will this be available? 
    • Great to point to reiterate, Calendar reports are available for use on the dashboard as of now in Beta. 
  • Where can I sign up for the Formula Queries training? Is there a link? 
    • Yes! Here is the link to the Formula Queries Webinar happening Thursday, December 16th 2021 at 1 PM EST  
  • Was user voice feedback migrated to the new feedback?  
    • Yes, recent feedback and popular requests were migrated to the new platform, you can read more about our Feedback changes in this Blog Post
  • When will the A3 Amazon Channel be available for general use? 
    • The A3 Amazon Channel hit General Availability on Tuesday, December 7th 2021. This Channel is available to customers on Business and Enterprise plans. 

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