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2 months ago

May 2024 Notes

Attendees: Tammie King, Lee Gilmore, Diego Alvarez, Jim Harrison

Todays Qrew Meetup was virtual and valuable for the United States Qrew in general. We had Tammie King from Boston, MA. on the line allowing us to make a cross country connection; so we focused on Quickbase and Qrew building. The meetup started with introductions and then a general state of Quickbase from the customer perspective.

Overall, transparency is important if an organization is interested in Continuous Improvement. Oftentimes individuals make decisions affecting others and do not consider the implications. If Quickbase really believes in Democratizing things and removing Grey work then Quickbase needs to become more transparent in the decision making process. That, I hope sums up the general terms of the conversation.

After we chatted about our frustrations, we talked through some Pipelines building and Lee Gilmore was quick in the search to provide a solution to the question of how to concatenate a data cell with a string in a Pipeline Step. As the meetup started to wind down we discussed whats next for Boston Qrew leader Tammie King.

Tammie is planning to continue to attend the Portland Qrew meetups and host the Boston Qrew meetup at her organizations offices at the same time. The plan is to bring Boston and Portland together and build structure.

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