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Qrew Meetup Notes June 2024

Tammie King, Elena Larabee, Jen Clarke, Diego Alvarez

We started the meeting discussing our latest projects. Jen mentioned working on building a QB Mobile experience. The Harder team has also been working on an initiative for building a mobile experience for Apps in our realm too. We talked about the conversations we are having around standardizing the layout and components required for the Mobile experience versus Desktop. Diego shared the work he has done developing mobile Apps. One idea he is experimenting with is to create a scroll at the top of the Mobile App. His plan for a Left-Right Scroll is to use a report with Rich Text buttons. Looking forward to seeing the results of this idea as it could be useful in many places.

Next Elena shared her experiences building service modules for the QB Exchange. The main focus has been on automating the Pipeline YAML export, re-slug and import process, which allows moving changes from Dev to Prod much simpler. This development is an improvement to Quickbase with potential. Elena talked about using ChatGPT to get formulas for Rich Text Buttons. The conversation that suddenly took place between Tammie, Elena and Jen amazing around ChatGTP was amazing. Here are some of the recommendations shared during the conversation. 

The best ChatGPT writing QB suggestions:

  • Give ChatGPT the link to the documentation and then ask it to review the code.
  • You have to know how to write YAML or Formulas and then asking ChatGPT to provide a solution you can review knowingly without having to do all the typing and error checking for typos.

Next we moved on to the collaborative portion of the meeting. Jen had questions regarding HTML and Rich Text buttons. Her main focus of learning right now is verifying or becoming comfortable with the QB formula language and learning HTML. We looked at a button she is working on that changes conditional to another fields value. Tammie stepped in and showed some of the excel to QB cell shading she has developed in the past. In essence, we recognize many Users are moving from Excel to QB to do work. The builder wants to make the UI/UX as inviting as possible to improve the transition, thus we build a lot of complex buttons. Rich Text Formula fields have made it where advanced builders can customize the look and feel of the Realm. By making visual changes to the environment, end-Users feel there is greater value in using the product over Excel which improves adoption. We hope Quickbase decides to improve the Grid Edit experience as development has been stalled in this area for a few years. After we looked at formula rich text and replicating excel in quickbase we moved on to other topics.

I talked about the main focus for the past few weeks to re-write a Stored Procedure in SQL (QuNect) that initializes Employee Training data based upon the Employee Job Title. It is a complex multi-layered process Harder has come to rely upon. It works based upon the Employees Title. By knoowing the Title, QuNect adds Training Records (with links to Videos and documentation) to the Employees record so they see recommended trainings all based upon their Title. The reason for the change is previously the Stored Procedure was written using temp tables and CTE's (Common Table Expressions). The goal is to leverage the newish Unique bulk UPSERT feature by creating Surrogate Keys and UPSERTing using the Surrogate instead of Record ID#. Since I am playing with live data, I am being as careful as possible to avoid phone calls, emails and QB Restore tickets. Finally I am developing a baseline template for how to use bulk upserts over older while loops.

Another good meeting had come to a close and we agreed it was useful for all. Tammie says she is going to keep showing up, which is awesome! Afterwards Jen, Elena and I headed out to Izakaya Kichinto for some heart warming Sushi and Ramen.

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