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10 months ago

9/27 Qrew Meeting Presentations

The Qrew Meeting is 3PM Wednesday September 27th at Harder HQ.

Remote: If you plan to remote in, send me your email and I will send you a Teams event.

We have Matthew Frye and Brian Tiu from FastFieldForms (recently merged with Quickbase) to do a presentation. The presentation will cover:

  1. What is FastField
  2. Live demo of mobile form
  3. Build a mobile form in minutes
  4. View submitted report in various formats
  5. How to integrate with Quickbase
  6. Q&A

After the presentation we have a gift to present and then we're off to Ecliptic Brewing if there's interest. 

The location is Harder Mechanical Contractors. There are several parking lots surrounding the building where you can park. Teams link is available on request.

Please RSVP so we know to let you in the building.

See you all soon!

Jim Harrison
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