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5 years ago

Community Log-in


I am having an issue with my Community log-in. I have both a business account with PGE and my personal builder account. When I go to Community, it assumes I want to login with my builder account and will not let me change which account I login with. Is there a solution for this?

Thank you,

Curtis Middleton

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    Quickbase Staff
    This is something I run into a lot having access to many different realms. Your browser cache remembers the last realm you've logged into. If you maintain different windows open as tabs in your browser, not telling which one it will store as that "current" realm. If you take one of your PGE Quick Base tabs and sign out, sign back in it should allow you to then click the login for your PGE account.

    Lee Gilmore
  • I have the same issue. I think mine was mostly due to having Chrome save both passwords so per Lee's comment it always thought my builder account should be used. I removed my saved builder password in chrome and have had no issues since.

    Jacob Linn