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February 2024 Crew Meetup Notes: Gantt Plug-In

Attendees: Esther LaVielle, Jen Clarke, Lee Gilmore, Jim Harrison, Pierce Wagner, Pat Wenger, Loren Sallee


Lee Gilmore presented on the Gantt Plug-In for Quickbase. The Plug-In is available in the Exchange. Once installed and setup properly, the Plug-In is accessed via a button from the App where the mapped records are maintained. Users open the plug-in, make changes to the schedule and then close the plug-in at which point the changes are saved back to the originating App. While a User has the plug-in loaded, it becomes locked for other Users to avoid data collisions.

Lee presented on the following topics:

  • Plug-In Display is not alterable. The plug-in is a separate code page built by MCF and is no longer supported.
  • To customize reporting, use the Gantt plug-in to set schedules, then use the Gantt Report type in Quickbase to output the desired information.
  • Critical Path setup requires understanding of scheduling. As Tasks are added, connect the Tasks together to determine Critical Path, drag tasks up and down to set sequence
  • Using Lag. Adding Lag in the Task visually displays as blank space. Alternately incorporate Lag into the Task. The result visually appears as a filled bar across the schedule.
  • Can use positive Lag from Start to Start or Negative Lag.
  • Additional structure in the App would need to be designed and built around the Plug-In to be useful.
  • Can I Import/export tasks?
    You enter data via Quickbase App into the mapped Gantt tables. When the Plug-In is loaded the Gantt is updated with the imported data
  • Rudimentary Scheduling tool for defining ones own schedule but not for more complex scheduling, ie where the schedule is delegated by the Client/Customer/Owner.
  • Plug-In could be used as a log of what happened during a project. Instead of using it to plan the project, one can record changes over time and then load the plug-in to display a chart.
  • Printing from the Plug-In is not an option

Thanks to Lee for an excellent presentation. If you are interested in learning more about the Gantt Plug-In Lee is available for events and shows upon request. He is also a very nice human. There is also a video Lee made available to share upon request. If interested, email Jim Harrison and I'll send you a copy.

Jim Harrison
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