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5 years ago

Question From Practice Exam


I am trying to learn from a question on the Practice Exam, but it doesn't seem like there is a clear answer to the question.

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I could make an argument for 3 of these to be the correct answer.
   a. This is important and after you run your testing, it is good to fine tune the app to adjust for any complications you ran into while testing.
   c. Reports can be created after the fact, but this could be a vital piece if you are wanting pages to contain certain reports for different users.
   d. This could also be a key function of your app operating as should. If you rely on email notifications and they are not going out to your users, then the app would be not be functioning as should.

Please help me understand which answer would be the best choice.

Thank you,

Curtis Middleton

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  • I agree this one is a little squishy. I think the intent is that the users understand the purpose of the app and how to accomplish that purpose (choice a), and b, c and d all support a.

    I could be wrong though, I'll verify and forward this feedback along to our certifications team.

    Jacob MacIntyre
    Quick Base
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