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Welcome to the Quick Base Knowledge Base

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7 years ago
Our Community neighborhood expanded with the inclusion of the Quick Base Knowledge Base. The Quick Base Knowledge Base has served as a library of technical information, walkthroughs, and tips collected over time by Quick Base employees to help users build apps to solve their business problems. Previously this information lived on our Developer site as a separate resource that was retired on April 22nd, 2018.

In order to help enrich our Community, the Knowledge Base has been integrated as a new category and article thread type. Not only will helpful content from our existing Knowledge Base be hosted in the Community but the Knowledge Base will be expanding with new tips and tricks. To help users identify our Knowledge Base look for articles with the Quick Base Knowledge Base branding below to help mark our Quick Base curated content:

If there are helpful resources or articles you have questions about, please let us know in the comments below.

 To help streamline access to the Knowledge Base content here is an index of our existing articles:

APIs and Custom Code

Where can I find the Quick Base SDKs?

Why does the API respond with a Sign In required error?

Why do I get the error: Invalid Application Token?

How do I have a single button perform multiple Quick Base API calls?

Automated Emails

How many subscriptions and reminders can I send daily

Why aren't my notifications showing all the information that they should?

Why are my users not receiving Quick Base Email as expected?

What are the IP addresses that the Quick Base email servers use?

Best Practices

Sharing Data Across Quick Base Apps: Part 1 Cross App Relationships, Table to Table Imports, and Sync

Sharing Data Across Quick Base Apps: Part 2 Quick Base Actions, Webhooks, Automations, and 3rd Party Integrations

Billing and Service Plans

From which Countries Does Quick Base Accept Credit Card Payments?

My Billing is Set Up So I Am Supported to Receive a Receipt Each Time My Credit Card is Charged.

Why Don't I Receive the Receipt via Email?

Where Can I Find Quick Base's Terms of Service?

We No Longer Have a Company Credit Card Can We Pay Via Purchase Order and Receive an Invoice For Quick Base?

Where Can I find Updates On Service Issues?

My Account is Credit Suspended, What do I do?

How Can I Keep From Being Billed for Users Who Are No Longer Using Quick Base

Billing Account Transfer - When my Admins have left the company and I need someone to take over 

Data Import and Export

Quicker, easier imports using a Merge Field

Why do I have problems in Quick Base when I cut and paste text from Microsoft Word?

When I export data from QuickBase (in CSV format) to MS Excel, some data appears incorrect or incorrectly formatted. Why?

How do I stop my append-only fields from being truncated when exporting to Excel

How would I automatically download QuickBase tables and their attached files using Microsoft Access?

Why do I get an error message when I try to upload more than 10,000 records containing a user field?

How can I export and then reimport records so existing records are updated?


How can I use a field in a form rule without displaying it on the form

A field on my form won't accept values. I type in it and save, but the field remains blank. What's wrong?

Formulas & Functions

_The Automatic Formula Machine

How Can I Add An Approve or Reject Button to My Email Notifications?

Using "&z="&Rurl() and rdr in formula URL fields

Is there a way to display just the last entry in an append-only field?

How do I make a formula date field called "Completion Date" that captures the date when a multiple choice field called "Status" is set to a particular value like "Complete"

How can I create a formula URL button which opens a specific form for data entry

Floating Point in Quick Base-Why are there discrepancies when rounding and comparing floating point numbers?

How do I show only the most recent comment from an append field in my report?

How do I make a formula to calculate the third Friday of the current month?

How do I create an automatically increasing sequential number or alpha-numeric string?

How can I discount or override my list prices when entering a customerÕs order?

Once a text field reaches a certain length how can I truncate the text and add a link to allow the user to see the rest of the field's content?


How can I set up a numbering system to track quotes that numbers each quote for a customer sequentially, and includes the customer ID and quote number?

If I have a Projects table and a Tasks table where each Project record has many Task records how do I automatically indicate that the Project is completed when the "Status" field in all the related tasks are marked "Completed"?

Gain more insight by summarizing text fields

Release Notes

Where Can I Find Quick Bases Previous Release Notes?

Reports and Charts

Why are the detail records not displaying in the master record form?

What time of day are report subscriptions emailed?

How do I adjust (resize) the column width in my reports?

How can I find duplicate values in a specific field?

How do I embed a report of the details of details?

Roles and Permissions

I shared an application with a user, but they can't access it. Why not?

Some of my applications don't appear on my Application List. Why?

How can I set Permissions for a Role to be able to view only Master records which have related Details records that are "connected" to me?

Is there a way to set up a management hierarchy and use that hierarchy for permissions in an application?

Security and Single Sign-On

What are Quick Base's IP addresses?

System Performance

What are the most common Quick Base functions that can affect performance?

How can I troubleshoot Quick Base performance?

How do I clear my browser cache?

Quick Base Memory Calculations

How we built Quick Base to scale and you can too!

Tables and Fields

How do I find the database ID (dbid) of a QuickBase table?

Some of my entries appear in red text. What happened?

User and Group Management

I have more than one user name but all are associated with my (single) email address. How do I get rid of all but one user name?

What do I do if I'm having trouble with my password reset?

Wizards and Add-Ons

What's the easiest way to create a data entry form for a Quick Base application that I can embed on my website?

How can I synchronize my Quick Base app with Microsoft Project?

How can I import Microsoft Project data into Quick Base?

Other Tips and Tricks

How can I create colored backgrounds, pictures and stoplight graphics in my forms and reports?

Colorful Icons Make Quick Base More Productive

Does Quick Base support Unicode or other multi-byte character encodings like Big5, GB, HZ, Shift-JIS, JIS?

How do I baseline a project or snapshot a sales pipeline?

How can I set up a numbering system to track quotes that numbers each quote for a customer sequentially, and includes the customer ID and quote number?
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