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End User Survey

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7 years ago

Hey Quick Base Community,

As part of our on-going work to know our customers better and improve the Quick Base User Experience for all, weÕre launching an End User Sentiment survey in early April. 

This will be an in-product pop-up survey, asking up to 5% of your non-builders about their experience using Quick Base. WeÕll be doing this on a rolling basis to track how our efforts effect End UsersÕ experience with Quick Base.

Their responses will give us direct feedback from people who use Quick Base every day to get their jobs done, allowing us to polish their experience, resulting in happier and more productive Quick Base users.

You can find an image of the survey here.

We look forward to hearing from all Quick Base users how we can make a better product together!

Sam Jones
QuickBase Product Manager
Published 7 years ago
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