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Introducing Pipelines - Webinar Q&A

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5 years ago
Many organizations are finding that the need for innovative processes and automated work is continuously growing while even the most flexible tools are no longer fast enough when they don't work together. At the same time businesses are struggling more than ever to find resources to help them develop the custom integrations and automations they're missing.

With our brand-new Pipelines technology, Quick Base is introducing capabilities that empower builders of all backgrounds to automate work across integrated systems. 

In case you didn't have a chance to join us, you can still get a great introduction to Pipelines by watching the recording here!  This thread is dedicated to questions that we didn't get a chance to cover during the webinar. Post your questions here and our Pipelines team will do the best to answer your questions. We want to know what you are curious about and cannot wait to bring Pipelines to you.

Evan Martinez
Community Marketing Manager
Quick Base
Published 5 years ago
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