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September Community Digest

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5 years ago

Welcome to our very first community digest. Each month our community digest is going to do a recap of the month in community focusing on popular discussions, fresh new articles, events that month, and user spotlights. The biggest news in this digest of course is the launch of our new community home on August 26th, so this digest will be a little bit bigger as it covers the end of August and September. 

Getting Started
Welcome to the Community: Introduce Yourself
Profile Editing and Networking on the Community

Popular Discussions
September AMA on App Planning with Lee Gilmore
Formula for Calendar Time Block (Start Time + Duration)
Listing Required fields not completed
Modify the add child record button to also change a field on the child record
Trying to ""Count"" the number of selections in a multi-select text field
Tackling a Formula Syntax Error 

Last week, we held a Quick Base Community Summit in Chicago. Over 100 app builders showed up to participate in hands-on trainings, get a deep dive into our Product Roadmap, and network with other builders. Materials from the trainings can be found on Quick Base University. Those who attended, or are in the Chicago area,  should join the Chicago User Group to keep the conversation going. Our next Summit will be in Atlanta on November 7th. We’d love to see you there!
Join Us at our Atlanta Community Summit on November 7th from 9:00-5PM EST at W Atlanta- Buckhead
Claim your Empower 2019 Badge: Share your favorite Empower memory

Quick Base Apps for Dev Ops
Job Aide - Audit logging with automations
Try Before You Buy: How a Craft Demo Can Take Hiring A Quick Base Problem-Solver to the Next Level
File Attachment Fields: Restricting File Types
Community Tip: Subscriptions So You Don't Miss out on the Conversation

User Spotlights

Center For Community Alternatives: QB and Human Services
Learn about how Steve Davidson is revolutionizing his chicken coup with ingenuity and Quick Base

September Product Release
September Release Notes

User Groups
With the launch of our new community in August we have new User Groups in several cities that launched this month with their very own mini-communities. User Groups are a great opportunity to meet other Quick Base problem-solvers in your area or industry. Each User Group has their own mini-community online to connect and schedules their own live events as well to bring local builders together and build their tribe. Joining the online group is super-easy and will help you stay up to date on future events

Salt Lake City 

Don't see your are here yet? Post here and let us know where you are and that you are ready to start meeting other Quick Base problem solvers like you

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