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(UPDATED) The Qrew is Coming to Philly and Denver...Join Us!

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5 months ago

📢📢📢Excited to announce two new Qrew Groups launching in February!!📢📢📢

On Thursday, February 15th, both the Philly Qrew and the Denver Qrew will be kicking off. 

After hearing from many in the Community that a virtual meeting would be more preferred, we're going to kick off both of these Qrew Groups with a Teams meeting. All interested Qrew members should register below and a member of our team will send you a Teams invite. This is a change from our previous plans to meet in person. Both Qrew Groups will be looking to plan in person meetups in the future, but on February 15th, the meetings will be not be in person and will instead take place on a Teams call.

Philly's focus will be on the Product Roadmap. If you have ideas for how to make Quickbase better, come join us as we'll have members of Quickbase Product Marketing in attendance to go through where Quickbase's product focus will be in 2024. @Mihir Mulloth from the City of Philadelphia is our Qrew Champion who will be leading the effort, and everyone's favorite Manny, @Manny De La Cruz will be on site dropping all sorts of Quickbase knowledge. 

Register for the Philly Qrew event here!

Denver's focus will be on AI and Quickbase. This is an incredible chance to share input on what Quickbase can and should focus on next with respect to AI. We'll have members of the Quickbase Product team there looking to unpack with The Qrew what the value of AI in Quickbase is today and where it can go in the future to make it more meaningful. @Mike Westin is our Denver Qrew Champion, he's been building apps for customers as a dev for Veilsun, and he's looking to share best ways to deploy Quickbase with Denver locals. @Nico Cantillo is a Denver based CSM with all the knowledge in how to make the best use of your Quickbase resources. 

Register for the Denver Qrew event here

Published 5 months ago
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