Easier Account Management using QB Sync

By Brian Cafferelli posted 10-08-2019 13:50


Administrators use the Admin Console to manage their account, by keeping track of things like apps, users, and billing. However, some of our customers have asked for a greater level of visibility into how their account is being used. Have you ever wished it were easier to keep track of apps and users being added to your account, or wanted to tag apps to better organize them, or wanted to charge back a portion of your subscription cost to a department based on the usage of your account? We’re now enabling you do this and more by pulling account usage details into one of your apps using Quick Base Sync.


New as of the August 2019 release, when you create a connected table, you can now select Admin Console to pull account details and sync them into one of your applications. You can pull a list of your account’s users, a list of your apps, and as of the September 2019 release you can pull a list indicating which apps your users have access to.

You can use this to create your own account management application, customized to fit your needs. The app access table can be connected via a many-to-many relationship with your users and apps tables. From there you can extend the application in any number of ways:


  • See what’s going on with your account at-a-glance by setting up reports or charts that are most important to you. See figure below for a few examples.


  • Organize your apps by adding fields to your apps table, for things like marking which department owns the app or tag an app as being for testing.


  • Organize your employees by adding fields for your employees table, such as department and hire date.


  • Stay up-to-date with your account by adding automatic email notifications and subscriptions, for things like new apps being created or users who have not logged in during the past 90 days.